An animated film by Julianna Cox
U.S.A / 2003 / 4 minutes / DV / School of Visual Arts
This SVA/Dusty Award winning stop motion animated film features cats constructed out of chenille pipe cleaners, a technique that Woodstock’s very own Julianna Cox has been mastering since she was a child. According to her family, Julianna also mastered the technique of actually being a cat at a young age, even going so far as to cutting a hole for her tail into her clothing.
Of her unique technique, Cox says "I believe the use of pipe cleaners gives my characters
a unique character, and allows them to have almost unlimited flexibility in their movements. 
The main cat's name is Chainsaw, and he likes to dance."
Screening with “Shelter Dogs” @ Bearsville Theater9/19, 5:00pm
(also screening with animation)


A short film directed by Jake Davis
U.S.A / 2003 / 9:45 minutes
Dreams, memories and reality collide as two lovers must come to terms with their tragic destiny.
Jake’s multi award-winning student film, “At Low Resolution” premiered at the inaugural
Tribeca Film Festival (nominated MTV student visionary filmmaker) and went on to
play numerous film festivals around the globe, including last year’s Woodstock Film Festival.
He co-wrote the feature script “Surveillance,” which is inspired by his student film and is
currently developing his second feature script.
Main Credits:
Director/ Screenwriter/Editor: Jake Davis
Producers: Sophia Raab & Jake Davis
Executive Producers: Jason Downs
Cinematographer: Adrian Sosebee
Music: Jim Dooley
Cast: Jason Downs & Sophia Raab
Screening with “Purgatory House” &
Bearsville Theater9/20, 6:30pm & Upstate in Rhinebeck 9/21, 3:30pm
An animated film by John Cernak
U.S.A / 2003 / 5:17 minutes
As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problems were ever found out.  Modeling and animation was produced in Lightwave 3d. After Effects was used for compositing. Editing was done on a Video Toaster System.  Out of Our Minds Images produced the piece from concept to final in the course of two months with a six person staff.
Out of Our Minds Images was established in January 2000 as a 3D animation and special effects studio.  Its six founding members were award-winning artists of all trades (designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors), fascinated by the revolution taking place in the animation industry. The company quickly saw many sleepless nights as it embarked on its first television projects. Within two years, it had already produced several regional, and a few nationally recognized, fully digital commercials and provided the digital effects for “The Rough South of Larry Brown”, an independent feature about the career of the writer.
Main Credits:
Writer/Director:    John Cernak
Producers: Out Of Our Minds Images
Cinematographer/Lead Animator/Post Production Sound Design:  Danny Oakley
Animator/Graphics:  Derek Cernak
Voice Talent:  Gene Johnson
Screening with “Particles of Truth” @
MT. View in Woodstock 9/20, 5:15pm & CMFT in Hunter 9/21, 12:30pm
(also screening with animated shorts)
A music video directed by Gerald Slota
U.S.A / 2003 / 4:23 minutes
“Furry’s Blues” tells of one man’s murderous journey in the 1920s; a journey that eventually leads to a surreal confrontation with his soul. From the album “Shaker.”
Director Gerald Slota is a fine art photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Harpers, Esquire and GQ. His short film "Home Movies," was exhibited at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in NYC last fall. He has directed several music videos.
Main Credits:
Director/ Director of Photography: Gerald Slota
Producers: Gerald Slota ,David Johansen, Steven Romano, Thomas D. Isenberg
Cast: David Johansen, David Hoffsatter, Drea Gamalski, Rebecca Chance,Tommy Heihlin, Malcolm Chesney, Jane Reddy, Lenny Kislin
Screening with “Piggie” @
Bearsville 9/19, 7:00pm & Hunter 9/20, 6:30pm
A music video directed by Jonas Akerlund
U.S.A / 2003 / 4 minutes
From the forthcoming Blondie album, “The Curse of Blondie”. The video is loosely based on the silent Lon Chaney film “He Who Gets Slapped”.
Screening with “Coney Isand Baby” @
Mountain View 9/20, 7:30pm & Hunter 9/21, 3:00pm
A short film directed by Sean Astin
U.S.A  & New Zealand / 2003 / 5:50 minutes
A bedraggled painter is in way over his head. His back hurts. His ladder is broken.
It seems he may never be able to hang an enormous pastoral painting.
Then . . . as chance would have it, two strangers wander his way.
Sean Astin made his feature film debut (at age 13) as "Mikey Walsh" in Richard Donner's adventure “The Goonies” (1984). Sean's portrayal of a young man determined to play football for Notre Dame in “Rudy” (1993) won hearts across America, and continues to inspire young people whenever it is shown. Other well-known film credits include “Bulworth,” “Courage Under Fire,” “Memphis Belle,” “Encino Man,”  “Like Father Like Son,” “Where the Day Takes You,” “Staying Together,” “War of the Roses,” “Safe Passage,” and “White Water Summer”.
He is currently starring in Peter Jackson's epic “Lord of the Rings,” as "Samwise Gamgee," the trustworthy sidekick of Frodo Baggins (played by Elijah Wood.)  The third installment of the trilogy, “The Return of the King,” will premiere worldwide in December 2003.
Sean received Best Actor honors for his performance in “Low Life” at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. He can also be seen in the indie releases “Deterrence,” “Kimberly,” “The Last Producer,” and “Boy Meets Girl”.
A promising director, Astin garnered an Academy Award nomination for his short film “Kangaroo Court,” which he co-produced with his wife, Christine. A Directors Guild of America member, Astin has also directed episodes of the HBO anthology series “Perversions of Science” and “Angel” for The WB.  His short film “The Long and Short of It” was an official entry at Sundance 2003.
Sean has optioned the movie rights for Erik Larson's best-selling non-fiction book Isaac's Storm, which he intends to produce and direct.
This Official Home Page will provide insight into Sean's career, featuring personal comments from him about his experiences as an actor, director, and producer.
Main Credits: 
Director, producer, screenwriter: Sean Astin
Story By: Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan
Cast: Andrew Lesnie, Praphaphorn (Fon) Chansantor, Paul Randall, with a special appearance by         Peter Jackson.
In Loving Memory of Brian Bansgrove
Screening with “Pieces of April
@ Tinker Street , 9/18, 7pm
A short film by Amos Kollek
U.S.A & Germany / 2003 / 29 minutes
Often cited for his quaint, ironic, humorous, close-to-the-skin story-telling talents - “the Woody Allen of the American Independents,” said one critic - Amos Kollek is an actor-writer-screenwriter-director all rolled into one. He knows Manhattan like the back of his hand. His films are filled with a bevy of familiar Village characters: bar-hoppers and park-benchers, retirees and wanabees, the lonely and the beautiful. In “Angela”, his first Erotic Tale, Amos Kollek told a delightfully funny fairy tale about an ordinary guy aching for one last fling at the tender age of seventy. In “Music” he extends the metaphor to embrace a city that never sleeps - as though Manhattan at night is the very essence of the elusive, vulnerable woman. Spiced with surreal, Kafkaesque twists, “Music” is about a man who loves music and is fascinated by the fair sex. But he is not quite sure why and how he has ended up in this strange hotel room ...
Born in 1947 in Jerusalem, Kollek has always gone his own way. Son of Teddy Kollek,
 the eminent mayor of Jerusalem, Amos had to do just that if he ever hoped to leave the shadow of one of the most popular figures on the Israeli political scene. From 1965 to 1968,
he served in the Israeli army during one of the decisive moments in his country's history:
the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. In 1971, he received a BA in Psychology and Philosophy
at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That same year, he published his first novel,
“Don't Ask Me If I Love,” and was given the Evans Award for Fiction.
His film career began in the triple-decker pattern of actor, screenwriter, and co-producer on “Worlds Apart” (1979). To these credits he added director on “Goodbye, New York” (1984), starring Julie Hagerty; “Forever Lulu” (1987), with Hanna Schygulla and Alec Baldwin;
“High Stakes” (1989), with Sally Kirkland and Kathy Bates; “Double Edge” (1994), with Faye Dunaway; and “Whore 2” (“Bad Girls”) (1994.
The international breakthrough came with “Sue” (1997), starring Anna Thomson. It won the FIPRESCI (International Critics) Award and the Ecumenical Award at the 1998 Berlinale, followed by a Special Acting Award for Anna Thomson at the Montreal festival. A year later, Kollek and Thomson were back again in the Berlinale Panorama with “Fiona” (1999),
a hard-edged, half-fiction, half-documentary sequel to “Sue ,“ which focused on the demimonde of the Manhattan crack-house scene. And, of course, Thomson can be seen again in
Kollek's new feature film, “Fast Food, Fast Women”.
Main Credits:
Director, Screenwriter: Amos Kollek
Regina Ziegler
Cinematographer: Ed Talavera
Editor: Jeffrey Marc Harkavy
Music: Bach and others
Cast: Dallas Roberts Lara Harris Tara Culp, Victor Argo, Anjelica Torn
Screening with "Julie and Herman"
@ Mountain View in Woodstock,  9/21, 1:30pm


A mini-musical directed by Victor Bellomo and David Pace
U.S.A / 2003 / 5:45 minutes / B&W
Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, “The Spirit of Gravity” is an animated mini-musical, in which Nietzsche sings his philosophy to a small town, arousing the villagers to join him in defying the forces of nature. “The Spirit of Gravity” is a visual poem that explores the meaning, beauty and mystery of Nietzsche’s great work. The animation is composed of thousands of collaged photographic images, which have been animated using both traditional and digital techniques. The film’s soundtrack is an original song composed by the filmmakers and is informed by the philosophy, imagery and humor of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.
Victor Bellomo and David Pace grew up together in Sunnyvale, California, where they collaborated on theater projects, radio dramas, and experiments in music and sound.
In 1992, they formed Latex Chipmunk Productions and have produced numerous short films
and projects incorporating puppetry, animation, and multimedia. Their work has appeared in
film festivals internationally and on television. “The Spirit of Gravity” is part of their series of
short films based on the work of great philosophers.
Main Credits:
Writers/Directors/Animators/Music:  Victor Bellomo, David Pace
Digital Animator:  Brendan Bellomo
Screening with “Milk & Honey
@ MT. View in Woodstock 9/20, 1:00pm & Upstate in Rhinebeck 9/21, 1:30pm 


An animated film by Nico Clark
UK / 2003 / 5:40
Based on Gershwin's lullaby, performed by Booker T. & the MG's, “Summertime” is visual interpretation of music. It is a journey through an isolated coral island, in the form of a ballet danced by the elements of nature itself, illustrating and celebrating the connection between all life. The story begins in the eye of an albatross, making its way across the ocean. From its point of view, we see as the bird lands on the beach of a small island. We notice a fly, which we follow into the jungle. The fly leads us up into the canopy of a tree where it is suddenly eaten by a well-camouflaged lizard. The lizard disturbs a caterpillar from its hiding place under a leaf. It escapes, finding a new hiding place where it metamorphoses into a brightly colored butterfly.
Nico Clark studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.  Although qualifying to study as a sculptor, Nico’s work became focused on time based media and light installation. This found an expression by creating light shows for the San Francisco ‘Rave’ scene of the early nineties. The culmination of this exploration was an immersive video installation “Continuum” which could be seen as an opening sketch for his current work “Summertime.”
After completing university he worked in various aspects of the London film industry, as an art director and location manager in music videos and as a graphic artist in various feature films including Jane Campion’s “The Portrait of a Lady” and the cult gay teen flick “Get Real.” As Nico’s film career progressed, he became more specialized in the area of graphics. Initially this was through creating printed props for films. Eventually it led to a job in SoHo making images for advertising and magazine editorials by combining 3D and 2D software.
Screening with "A Constructive Madness"
@ Upstate in Rhinebeck 9/21, 12:00pm  


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