Locations and times:
Mountain View Studios in Woodstock  9/19, 7:00pm - $7
Mountain View Studios in Woodstock 9/21, 5:00pm - $7
A short film by Maryam Karimi
U.S.A / 2002 / 9:20 minutes 
Burl's is the story of a young boy who struggles with his sexual identity
and is torn between his father's wishes and his mother's closet.
Maryam received her early education in a traditional private school in a small town in the southeast of England. Broadly traveled in her younger years, Maryam‚s cultural and social awareness was heightened at an early age.  After surviving the academic rigor and purple uniform of her English high school, Maryam‚s family immigrated to the USA and settled in Los Angeles where her passion for filmmaking blossomed.
After achieving a Bachelor of English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles, Maryam earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California, graduating in 2001. While at USC she completed several short films including her Masters Thesis, “Burl’s”, adapted from a Bernard Cooper short story.
She is currently observing leading directors on sitcoms and episodic television,
while pitching a sitcom pilot script and a teen-oriented feature screenplay
with her writing partner Benjamin Morgan.
Director:  Maryam Karimi
Screenwriter:  Maryam Karimi, Mark Cancelliere
Producers:  John Kilker, Paul Lingas
Cinematographer:  Chris Burke, Nick Sagliambeni
Editor:  Scott Masano, Maryam Karimi
Music:  Martin Phibbs
Cast: Chandler Kane Kelly, John deLancie, Marnie Mosiman, Jerry hardin. Jack Reily


A short film by Scott Pendergast
U.S.A / 2002 / 16 minutes
One day, while getting dressed for work, Gerald notices something strange in the back of his closet. As a result of his discovery, his life spins out of control, and he winds up wandering city parks with a strange little dance, a strange little noise and no answers--until a stranger appears who might just be the key to everything.
Scott Prendergast was trained as a comedy improviser and sketch writer at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles.  His one-man all-improvised comedy show, UNman, ran for two years in New York City.  He is the host of HBO's “Backpack” program.  He wrote for MTV's “Celebrity Deathmatch” for two years, including the episode which now plays before live Dixie Chicks concerts: the Dixie Chicks vs. TLC (sadly, the Dixie Chicks lose).  Prendergast’s short, “Anna is Being Stalked” (in which he plays a hapless albino stalker), was screened at Sundance 2002.  Both “The Delicious” and “Anna is Being Stalked” can be seen on the Sundance Channel, as well as on www.atomfilms.com.  Additionally, Scott Prendergast is living in a state of Emergency.

Main credits:
Director, screenwriter, editor:  Scott Prendergast
Producer: Nellie Kurtzman
Cinematography:  Brendan Colthurst, Hope Hall
Sound:  C. Andrew Brooks/Jacob Weber
Still Photos: Jody Kivort
Music: Matthew McCullough
Principal Cast:  Scott Prendergast, Patricia Buckley, Martin Dockery,
Bryan Carmel, Mary Purd , Christine Turner, Jordan Reed, 
Doreen Bucher, Hugh Groman
A short film by Larry Lafond and Terry Ray
U.S.A / 2002 / 20 Minutes
Randy has a huge crush on hunky co-worker Jack, but he can’t figure out if Jack is
straight or gay until he discovers a “Gaydar” gun that changes everything.
Larry Lafond was bitten by the film bug while shooting music videos in high school. He wrote his first feature length script at the age of 19. It placed in the top five percent of the 1991 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (sponsored by the A.M.P.A.S.) and there was no turning back. The next year Larry went on to Film School in Orlando where he continued to write several screenplays and produced a low budget feature film. He later moved to Los Angeles and began working for Nickelodeon, helping to cast some of their most popular live action shows such as “Kenan & Kel”, “All That” and “The Amanda Show”. He spent the next year casting and booking talent for a variety of projects for FOX Family Channel (now ABC Family). He is currently a freelance casting director. “Gaydar” is Larry's directorial debut and is looking forward to directing his next film.
Main credits:
Producer(s), Screenwriter(s): Terry Ray & Larry Lafond
Director: Larry Lafond
Cinematographer: Mark Mervis
Editor: Bobby Gibis
Composer: John Boswell
Sound: ED Cerrato
Principal Cast: Terry Ray, Bryan Dattilo, Jennifer Echols, Thom Cagle,
Jim J. Bullock & Charles Nelson Reilly


Written and Directed by Dominic Inzana
U.S.A / 2002 / 5 minutes
The elevator doors close, and suddenly our neurotic friend finds himself trapped
with a raging stranger. Running out of  time and options, our victim makes a
desperate offer that can’t be refused. “Going Down” offers a glimpse of his
personal hell with a wickedly funny twist.
What he lacks in a traditional film education, he more than makes up for with persistence and passion. “Going Down” is Dominic’s directorial debut and the culmination of a journey that started with a simple harmless idea and spiraled into a dark twisted comedy. Dominic found directing himself to be quite refreshing, although no stranger to the other side of the camera, appearing in several film and stage productions. Dominic holds a B.S.
degree in Finance from Seton Hall University. He currently resides in
New York City where he is developing several projects.
Main credits:
Director, screenwriter: Dominic Inzana
Producers: Keith Perkins, Dominic Inzana
Executive Producers: Rosa Gibbons, James Gibbons
Cinematographer: Kevin Murphy
Editor: Frank Reynolds
Music: Dusty Micale
Cast: Dominic Inzana, Jimmy Gary Jr.


A short film by Elliott Phear
U.S.A / 2003 / 6:20 minutes 
When three bored teenagers scheme to steal a picnic from two men, their plan goes awry – leading to a consequence far more grave than they ever could’ve imagined.
Main credits:
Director/Co-producer/Screenwriter/Cinematographer/Sound:  Elliott Phear
Producer:  Justin Newman
Editor:  Lucas Sabean
Composer:  Adam Neril


A Short film by Amalia Zarranz
U.S.A / 2003 / 19 minutes
Betsy Brick is having a bad day. On the eve of her 40th birthday, the compulsive poker player crosses the point of no return, when all debts will demand payback.


A short film by D. Robin Hammer
U.S.A / 2002 / 8 minutes
Navajo, Fred C Martinez, jr. was a two-spirited (or “transgendered”) young man who was killed in a hate crime. Out of the ashes of his loss, Thorn Grass offers a transformative and compassionate meditation on the mystery of our shared human journey.
D. Robin Hammer is an independent filmmaker interested in themes of social justice and community healing. She brings an exploratory and even intra-psychic approach to her work, believing in the power of the personal voice in a complicated world.
Main credits:
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound/Cinematographer:  D.R. Hammer
Voice talent:  Paul Ankenman
Tinker Street, Upstate Films and the Catskill Mountain Foundation Theater are 35mm facilities.
Upstate and CMFT will also screen beta sp and digibeta films.
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