Locations and times:

 Catskill Mountain Foundation in Hunter on 9/20, 12:30 pm - $8

 Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on 9/21, 10:00am - $8

A short film by Garret Savage
U.S.A / 2003 / 7:30 minutes

What happens when eight young and talented, but unemployed New Yorkers run out of options? Find out as a  down-on-her-luck actress gets creative inspiration from a street beggar and sets off an absurd chain of hilarious money-making ventures.
Garret Savage has worked for many years as a film editor on feature films, commercials, and television. His student short film, "1-24" won
UC Santa Barbara's Bruce Corwin Award for Best Film. He is
currently in post-production on two documentaries as director, editor and
producer. Garret also acts in film, television, and theater, and is a graduate
of Atlantic Theatre Company's 2 Year Acting Conservatory.
Main Credits:
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Garret Savage
Screenwriter (s): The Cast, and Garret Savage
Producers: Lisa Montgomery Perry and Garret Savage
Music: Spencer Cobrin
Cast: Billy MOdean, Jessie Hutcheson, Michael Cavaliere, John Dokes,
John Carmichael, Jeremy Landman, Quincy Newton, Wendy Spero, Jay Friedl
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A short film by Ben Nedivi
U.S.A / 2002 / 17 minutes (NYU)
A mother of three in Spanish Harlem will stop at nothing to
get the one thing she wants most.
“Grandchildren” is Ben's thesis film at NYU and winner of the Warner Bros. Production Award and a Wasserman Award winner at NYU's First Run Film Festival.  His previous short, “The Love Song of Henry Milk”, was a finalist of the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival and has appeared at numerous international film festivals. 
It is currently playing on the Sundance Channel and is being distributed by
Hypnotic.  He has written three feature-length screenplays, one of which
(“Baltimore”) is currently in production.
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A short film by Vesna Cudid
UK / 2003 / 15 minutes / (National Film and Television School-UK)
That was the year we were going to the seaside for our summer holiday. But something always happened whenever we tried to do anything together.
A short film by Rick Mowat
U.S.A / 2003 / 14 minutes
Guy, a nerdy, dedicated employee, is fired by the ‘Top Dog’ Dog Walking Agency for receiving only average scores from his numerous clients.  Shocked into unnerving action, Guy settles his clients’ score by wreaking havoc on their apartments.  As he loosens up and gets his game, the pranks escalate. Guy revels in the glory of his newfound self, until he learns that fate has yet another surprise in store for him.
Main Credits:
Director, screenwriter:  Rick Mowat
Producer:  Angela Larson
Co-producer:  Christine Connor
Director of Photography:  Chris Edwards
Editor: Mark Smith
Composer:  Robert Bennet, Jr., Tony Ormond
Principal Cast:  Todd Wilkerson, Barbara Herel, Tom Sminky
A short film by Mark Waites
UK / 2002 / 15 minutes
Terry has got a rubber mask stuck on his head. After about half an hour he can get it off but then there’s another one underneath, then another, then another... but what does he have to do to make this nightmare end?
Commercial director and founder of UK ad agency Mother, Mark Waites wrote and directed his first short film.
Main Credits:
Director: Mark Waites
Screenwriter: Mark Waites
Producers: Matt Buels. Dominic Delaney
Cinematographer: Ray Coates
Editor: John Smith
Cast: David Birrell, Jacqueline Leonard, Steve Evetts
A short film by Dave Coleman
U.S.A / 2003 / 8:30 minutes 
A short comedy featuring a love triangle, a trailer park and an Elvis’ jumpsuit.  Themes include letting go of the past, staying true to love, and the importance of laundry.
Main Credits:
Director, producer:  Dave Coleman
Co-producer:  Amy Gossels
Screenwriter:  Steve Gambutti
Director of Photography:  David Doyle
Editor:  Justin Boller
Composer: Michael Whalen
Principal Cast:  Leslie Lyles, Clint Jordan, Annie Golden, Steven Randazzo
Directed by Shane Sauer
U.S.A / 2002  / 7:46 minutes (Florida State University)
A neurotic businessman chases his runaway briefcase as it drifts out to sea. The only thing between him and his briefcase is a little old sailboat with a mind of its own.
Shane Sauer was born and raised in Destin, Florida. Growing up surrounded by water, the sea has become a constant theme in his work. He studied at the Florida State Film School, where he directed a small collection of short films, and had a hand in many others. He is now living in New York City, working as an independent director and cinematographer. 
Main Credits:
Producer: Christina Mathena
Associate Producer: Daniel Dejesus
Screenwriters: Shane Sauer and Christina Mathena
Director of Photography: Wes Ball
Editor/Sound Designer: Shane Sauer
Art Director: Kelley Folkening
Cast: Michael Carlucci, Jay Golden, Brandon Carroll
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A short film by Philip and Eric Zlortorynski
U.S.A / 2003 / 10 minutes
A young man with a severe social disorder has difficulty meeting his brother’s girlfriend. Hilarity ensues.
Having recovered from B-Movie burnout after two years as head of the Trailer Department for Roger Corman's Concorde-New Horizons, Philip Zlotorynski has chosen to burn himself out again by pursuing a career in filmmaking.
Main Credits
Director: Philip Zlotorynski
Screenwriter: Eric Zlotorynski, Philip Zlotorynski
Producers: Scott Peck, Eric Zlotorynski, Philip Zlotorynski
Cinematographer: Scott Peck
Editor: Eric Zlotorynski, Philip Zlotorynski
Cast: Neil Hopkins, Marisa O'Brien, Jason Cole
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