Location and time:

Mountain View Studios in Woodstock 9/20, 3:00pm - $8


Curated and hosted by Bill Plympton

An animated film by Alex Budovsky
U.S.A / 2002 / 3:14 minutes
The story of the great revolution of British cuckoos who take over London,
and force people to move inside their cuckoo clocks.
Alex Budovsky was born in St-Petersburg, Russia, January 21st 1975.  In 2000, he graduated from Brooklyn College with an emphasis on Film.  Then in 2002 he produced two animated
music videos for the British band (The Real) Tuesday Weld: “Terminally Ambivalent Over You” and “Bathtime in Clerkenwell”.
An animated film by Wotomoro
U.S.A / 2003 / 5 minutes
“Bib Vs. Tob” is a short animated movie featuring a sport newscast broadcast from space. Strange creatures are playing an alien ball game in this movie entirely done by Wotomoro.
Wotomoro is an artist specialized in animation and visual communication. For the past 15 years Wotomoro worked between Montreal and New York. A senior 3D animator for R/GA in New York, and he spent a few years in advertising doing graphic design and art direction.
Main Credits
Writer/Director/Producer/Animator/Editor:  Wotomoro
Music/Voice/Sound Effects:  wotomoro, Uncle Output, DJ Pocket

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An animated film by Julianna Cox
U.S.A / 2003 / 4 minutes / DV / School of Visual Arts
This SVA/Dusty Award winning stop motion animated film features cats constructed out of chenille pipe cleaners, a technique that Woodstock’s very own Julianna Cox has been mastering since she was a child. According to her family, Julianna also mastered the technique of actually being a cat at a young age, even going so far as to cutting a hole for her tail into her clothing.
Of her unique technique, Cox says "I believe the use of pipe cleaners gives my characters a unique character, and allows them to have almost unlimited flexibility in their movements.  The main cat's name is Chainsaw, and he likes to dance."
Also screening with “Shelter Dogs” @ Bearsville Theater9/19, 5:00pm
An animated film by John Cernak
U.S.A / 2003 / 5:17 minutes
As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problems were ever found out.  Modeling and animation was produced in Lightwave 3d. After Effects was used for compositing. Editing was done on a Video Toaster System.  Out of Our Minds Images produced the piece from concept to final in the course of two months with a six person staff.
Out of Our Minds Images was established in January 2000 as a 3D animation and special effects studio.  Its six founding members were award-winning artists of all trades (designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors), fascinated by the revolution taking place in the animation industry. The company quickly saw many sleepless nights as it embarked on its first television projects. Within two years, it had already produced several regional, and a few nationally recognized, fully digital commercials and provided the digital effects for “The Rough South of Larry Brown”, an independent feature about the career of the writer.
Main credits:
Director/screenwriter:    John Cernak
Producers: Out Of Our Minds Images
Cinematographer/Lead Animator/Post Production Sound Design:  Danny Oakley
Animator/Graphics:  Derek Cernak
Voice Talent:  Gene Johnson
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Also screening with “Particles of Truth” @
MT. View in Woodstock 9/20, 5:15pm & CMFT in Hunter 9/21, 12:30pm
An animated film by Patrick Smith
U.S.A / 2003 / 8:15 minutes
Abuse leads to rage as two friends compete for a delivered package. Was the result of this conflict worth the prize found within the box? “Delivery” deals with the realistic consequences of rage and violence, even within a cartoon setting.
Self taught animator Patrick Smith lives and works in New York City. His previous film, the award winning short "Drink" has been in over 50 film festivals world-wide. Smith is currently working on his 3rd independent short, to be released this fall. He's 31 years old.
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An animated film by Elanna Allen
Precocious tots learn by playing with toys.
An animated film by Biljana Labovic
USA / 2001 / 3 minutes 30 seconds / beta sp
A girl’s inner world is filled with dreams and memories.  She peeks into her own heart to
find the forgotten feelings.  She is her own personal spy.  

Biljana Labovic originally comes from Yugoslavia, where she studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Arts.  There she illustrated children’s books, and upon winning a scholarship from UNICEF in 1997, she moved to New York to study animation at the School of Visual Arts.  In New York, she has been working as a freelance animator on commercial animation projects and with acclaimed independent animators, including Faith and Emily Hubley, and Bill Plympton.  She lives and works in New York.  Eye Spy is her sixth short film.

Main credits:
Director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer:  Biljana Labovic
Editor: Vinz Feller
Composer: Stephen Chopek
Cast: Maxine Dannatt, Delphine Burns


An animated film by Aaron Hughes
U.S.A / 2003 / 7:33 minutes (School of Visual Arts)
Can life survive inside of a box? This is a story about a man who innocently and
unwillingly discovers the truth, when he is pulled into a world he did not know
exists- an infinite world inside of a box.
A recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Aaron currently resides in New York City. He has a passion for writing short stories and bringing them to life through animation.
An animated film by W.P. Murton
U.S.A / 2002 / 6 minutes
“Mood Motions” is the latest masterpiece from genius cineaste, W.P. Murton. It concerns the subtleties and deconstruction of abstract forms and avant-garde electronic music.
Directed by Andre LeBlanc
2003 / Canada / 5 minutes
Parallel’s world comprises solely of mass production and industry.  Within its factories,
countless assembly lines produce humanlike figures called drones, created to carry out the
menial tasks of such a world.  The production is endless, and the cycle of these drones seems infinite.  However, a slight malfunction on one of the assembly lines causes a single drone to
snap to life.  This drone, unique only in personality, is pushed out into a world of ordered chaos, forced to come to terms with his own identity.
Andre LeBlanc grew up in New Brunswick, Canada, where he first developed his interest in film.  After receiving a degree in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick, and working as a programmer, he decided to go back to school.  Andre moved to British Columbia, where he attended Vancouver Film School to study classical animation, followed by two years of Computer Animation at Sheridan College in Toronto.  Andre recently relocated to San Francisco to work on the upcoming Shrek sequel for PDI/DreamWorks.
Main credits: 
Producers: Wendy Brandt, Frederick Chu, Ren Kikuchi
Screenwriters: Wendy Brandt, Frederick Chu, Judy Gao, Ren Kikuchi, Andre LeBlanc, Alan Lee, Karin Staley
Director of Photography: Ren Kikuchi
Original Score:  Ralph Schmidt 
Editor: Andre LeBlanc
Cast: Jason McDonald.
An animated film created by PES
U.S.A / 1:10 minutes
"XXX Chair-on-Chair Action!!!"
Like anyone, PES saw his share of movies growing up, but was never fascinated by them or the process of making them. In fact he didn’t really understand what a director really did until he had an idea (“Bomber”) and he didn't want anyone to mess it up, so he had to learn how to make it himself.  While films are a relatively recent development for him, he started painting at an early age. He also studied printmaking for 4 years like an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He made his own illuminated manuscripts with text and illustration, very much in the vein of Bibles from the 15th century. These illuminated manuscripts made him recognize that he really wanted to tell stories and that film might be better suited for it. When his ideas started to mutate from printmaking/painting concepts into film ideas, that's when he realized he had to learn how to make them.
Main Credits:
Director, screenwriter, animator:  PES
Editor: Sam Welch/Homestead Editorial NYC
Cinematographer: Mai Iskander
Producers:  PES & Sarah Phelps
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A mini-musical directed by Victor Bellomo and David Pace
U.S.A / 2003 / 5:45 minutes / B&W
Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, “The Spirit of Gravity” is an animated mini-musical, in which Nietzsche sings his philosophy to a small town, arousing the villagers to join him in defying the forces of nature. “The Spirit of Gravity” is a visual poem that explores the meaning, beauty and mystery of Nietzsche’s great work. The animation is composed of thousands of collaged photographic images, which have been animated using both traditional and digital techniques. The film’s soundtrack is an original song composed by the filmmakers and is informed by the philosophy, imagery and humor of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.
Victor Bellomo and David Pace grew up together in Sunnyvale, California, where they collaborated on theater projects, radio dramas, and experiments in music and sound. In 1992, they formed Latex Chipmunk Productions and have produced numerous short films and projects incorporating puppetry, animation, and multimedia. Their work has appeared in film festivals internationally and on television. “The Spirit of Gravity” is part of their series of short films based on the work of great philosophers.
Main Credits:
Writers/Directors/Animators/Music:  Victor Bellomo, David Pace
Digital Animator:  Brendan Bellomo
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Also screening with “Milk & Honey
@ MT. View in Woodstock 9/20, 1:00pm & Upstate in Rhinebeck 9/21, 1:30pm 
WOMAN (Seviette)
An animated short by Signe Baumane
Latvia / 2003 / 10 minutes
A visual poem about the creation of a woman and her two encounters with a man - in one she brings him Death, in the other she gives him Love.
In 1991, Signe made her debut as scriptwriter, director, and artist with a two-minute animated film, “The Witch and the Cow”.  Her next film, “Tiny Shoes” (1993), would go on to take the Grand Prix at the International Women's Film Festival in Minsk, 1995.
In September of 1995 she moved to New York City where, in January 1996, she started work as production manager, color stylist, and cel painter for Bill Plympton's animated feature “I Married a Strange Person”. She subsequently worked on several other Bill Plympton short films: “Sex and Violence” (1997), “The Exciting Life of a Tree” (1998), “More Sex and Violence” (1998), an MTV pilot “Helter Shelter” (1998), “Surprise Cinema” (1999), “Eat” (2001) and took over production of Bill's newest feature animation “Mutant Aliens” in the summer of 2000.  Signe also worked as production manager and art supervisor for two films of an independent animator, Debra Solomon, “Everybody's Pregnant”(1997), and “The Parable of the Clown” (1998), a spot for HBO.   In November 1998 she completed her fourth animated film, her first made in America, “Love Story”.  In early 2002 she completed animated short “Five Fucking Fables”. Shortly afterward, she returned to Latvia, where she was given Film Center Foundation and Culture Capital's grants to make a ten-minute film.
Besides doing animation Signe has also worked as an illustrator for children's books at
Santillana Publishing House, Puerto Rico.  Since the Fall of 2000 she has been teaching
animation at Pratt Institute, and is publishing a novel about her adventures in New York in Una,
a Latvian women's magazine.
Main Credits
Animators:  Taiga Sile, Dita Masena, Ieva Smite
Producer:  Vilnis Kalnaellis
Original Score:  Olafs Stals
Screenwriter, editor:  Signe Baumane


Tinker Street, Upstate Films and the Catskill Mountain Foundation Theater are 35mm facilities.
Upstate and CMFT will also screen beta sp and digibeta films.
Bearsville, Mountain View, WCC are are beta sp & digibeta


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