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Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, 9/19, 3:15 pm  - $8

A short documentary by Katja Esson
U.S.A / 2002 / 40 minutes
“Ferry Tales” is about the secrets of the Staten Island Ferry Powder Room. It is a place where women of different ages and backgrounds gather every day. As they put on their make-up and prepare themselves for Manhattan, they are transformed from housewives to businesswomen, from mothers to lawyers, from sisters to socialites.
Katja Esson was born in Germany, lives in New York and works in the US and Europe. Since her Bachelor in Motion Picture and Theatre in 1990, Katja Esson is working as a writer/director. Her 1992 short film “Speech Less” was shown at film festivals all over the world and won several international awards.  In 1994 she went on to made her first documentary, “Miami Que Linda es Cuba”, which was part of exhibitions in Museums in Spain and the US, and is now part of the ‘Art on Film Series’ in New York. In 1997 she received the prestigious ‘Master School Fellowship’ in Berlin with her screenplay “El Aleman”.
Main Credits
Director:  Katja Esson
Producers:  Katja Esson, Sabine Schenk, and Corinna Sager
Cinematographer”   Martina Radwan
Editors:  Sabine Hoffman and Moira Demos
A short documentary by Rebecca Conroy
U.S.A / 2003 / 10 minutes
“Sweet Pea Drowning in Frivolity: A Character Study” is a short documentary shot on 16mm film. It is about a cynical young woman whose life revolves around “what’s in,” whether she knows it or not.  She is a modern-day slave to fashion livining in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Narrated by Renee Racicot herself, the piece gives us a humorous glimpse inside the life of a stylish scenester. 


A short documentary by Nora Kevorkian
Canada / 2003 / 29 minutes
“Veils Uncovered” documents the reality of sexual competition some women of Damascus live with. Filmed in the Souk Al Hamidiyyah from August to September 11, 2001, it is a personal account of the unexplored sexual world of women who live behind the veil.
Nora Kevorkian is an award winning Canadian filmmaker of Armenian and Lebanese descent. She immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in her late teens to pursue a university education
in Canada. Her studies earned her a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University
of Toronto. In 2001 Ms. Kevorkian made her filmmaking debut with her first documentary
entitled “Veils Uncovered”.  “Veils Uncovered” won the National Film Board Award for
Best Canadian Documentary at Reel World Film Festival, Toronto, 2002; The Golden Sheaf
for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 2002 Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival
Golden Sheaf Awards, the Audience Award at the 2002 Dawson City International Film
Festival, and was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2002 New York
Independent International Film and Video Festival. 
Also screening with "White Runway"
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