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updated 9/6/03
Making a Low Budget Indie Film: "Pieces of April,"
a case study w/ reception
Colony Café, 9/19 @ 11am $20
Pieces of April booksigning Colony Café, 9/19 @ 1 pm free
Filmmaking in Risky Times Colony Café, 9/19 @ 3pm $15
Actors Dialogue with Olympia Dukakis and Annabella Scorra Colony Café, 9/20 @ 10:00am $15
Film Critics and Filmmakers Colony Café, 9/20 @ 12:00 $15
Capturing the Audience; New Trends in Distribution Colony Café, 9/20 @ 2:15 $15
High Impact Doc Filmmaking Colony Café, 9/20 @ 4:30 $15
Current Trends in Independent Filmmaking Colony Café, 9/21 @ 10:30am $15
"Greyzone" booksigning with Tim Blake Nelson Follows Current Trends seminar free
Soundtrack Panel - with BMI Colony Café, 9/21 @ 12:00 $15
The Origins of the Film Story Colony Café, 9/21 @ 2pm $15
A Day at the Round Tables (students only) Colony Cafe, 9/20 @11am free

Join us for a discussion with the creative minds that brought the vision to life and the executives who supported that vision.

Peter Hedges’ touching, funny low-budget DV feature was an audience favorite at Sundance, and sparked a bidding war ultimately won by United Artists.  In celebration of the East Coast premiere of the film, New York Women in Film & Television honors the extraordinary above-and below-the-line talent that brought the film to the screen. 

Pat Sweeney Kaufman (Deputy Commissionaire and Director for New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development)


Peter Hedges (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “About a Boy,” as screenwriter. “Pieces of April,” as screenwriter, director)

Alexis Alexanian (Producer, “Pieces of April,” “Personal Velocity,” “Tape”)

Lucy Barzun  (Producer, “Pieces of April”)

John S. Lyons  (Producer, “Pieces of April,” “Austin Powers; Goldmember,”  “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” “Boogie Nights”)

Linda Cohen (Music Supervisor, “Pieces of April,” “Swimfan,” “Personal Velocity,”  “Summer of Sam”)

Bingham Ray  (president, United Artists)

Sponsored by New York Women in Film & Television
Following the panel New Market Press & New York Women in Film & Television will present a book signing and reception for “Pieces of April”  with author Peter Hedges.

Colony Café, 9/19 @ 11am - $20

Film has always been considered an extraordinarily persuasive medium of communication, and in times of war or when national security seems threatened, movies come under increasing scrutiny and criticism. Do filmmakers, distributors, and exhibitors have a responsibility to respond to changes in the cultural and political climate? Are there forces working to censor or refine the messages audiences receive during politically risky times?

David D’Arcy (Film and Entertainment Commentator, NPR


Bingham Ray
Martin Garbus (One of the country’s leading trial lawyers, Martin Garbus has tried complex commercial, intellectual property, estate, and criminal cases, as well as media cases, in nearly every state in the country.  He has appeared before the United States Supreme Court as well as the highest state and federal courts in numerous states on many occasions. Mr. Garbus is a partner with the law firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP.)
  Katie Roumel (producer, Killer Films, "Camp," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "Kiss Me Guido," "Boys Don't Cry")




Moderator and celebrity interviewer Martha Frankel leads an intimate discussion with successful, working film actors.  Following the conversation, the audience is welcome to ask questions.  A festival favorite, this program always packs the house with industry professionals and film aficionados. Past guests include Parker Posey, Marcia Gay Harden, Liev Schreiber, Fisher Stevens, Aidan Quinn, and Stanley Tucci.
2003 Panelists

Olympia Dukakis
During a career that spans over 40 years, Olympia Dukakis has worked as an actress, director, producer, teacher, activist and most recently, author with her best-selling memoir "Ask Me Again Tomorrow." She received an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress Category, the New York Film Critics Award, the Los Angeles Film Critics Award, and the Golden Globe Award for her work on the Norman Jewison film, "Moonstruck."
Annabella Sciorra
Select films and projects include "The Sopranos,” "King of the Jungle,” "Sam the Man,” "What Dreams May Come,” "The Addiction,” "Romeo Is Bleeding,” "Jungle Fever,” "Reversal of Fortune”

Dan Hedaya has played a wide variety of characters on the stage, screen, and television. He has appeared in over eighty features including "New Suit," "Mulholland Drive," "Dick," "Clueless," "A Civil Action," "The Adams Family," "Blood Simple," and much more. TV fans will remember him as ‘barmaid Carla's grease bag husband Nick Tortelli’on "Cheers."


A film review may not affect the summer sequel or tentpole film made at a studio. But film reviews are increasingly vital to independent films, struggling to find a place in a cut-throat marketplace. One bad review by one of the top outlets (New York Times, New Yorker, Variety, etc) can kill a film’s chances; one strong one can create a “Big Fat Greek Wedding” or a  “Memento.” Panelists will discuss the symbiotic relationship between critics and filmmakers, focusing on the world of limited release films.

David Rooney (New York Film Reporter and Reviewer, Variety)

Jonathan Foreman (film critic, New York Post, and recent correspondent to Iraq)

Owen Gleiberman (film critic, Entertainment Weekly)


The past year saw many surprise victories for independent films - several documentaries and many features broke out of the art houses and found mainstream audiences in multiplexes and theaters outside top urban markets. In this panel, top distribution executives discuss the year’s successes, and share their strategies for bringing independent films to a larger share of the diverse, sometimes unpredictable American audience.

Eugene Hernandez (Indiewire)

Bingham Ray (president, United Artists, “Bowling for Columbine”)

Eamonn Bowles (president, Magnolia Pictures, “Capturing the Friedmans”)

Mark Urman (president, ThinkFilm, “Spellbound,” “Bus 174,” “The Agronomist”)

How do documentary filmmakers successfully make complicated, politically heated, or taboo subjects accessible to audiences?  Industry professionals discuss storytelling techniques that effectively engage viewers and promote dialogue on important subjects.
David D’Arcy (Film and Entertainment Commentator, NPR)
Liz Garbus (“Girlhood,” “The Execution of Wanda Jean,” “The Farm: Angola, USA”)  
Barbara Hammer (“Female Closet,” “History Lessons,” “Resisting Paradise”)
Ron Mann (“Go Further,” “Grass, “ “Comic Book Confidential” )
As audience tastes expand and evolve, and funding sources dry up or emerge, independent filmmakers forge new partnerships, unearth new stories, and utilize new technologies to continue bringing bold, entertaining films to the otherwise dismal marketplace. In this panel, filmmakers discuss the latest trends that keep independent film going strong.

Current Trends in Independent Filmmaking

As audience tastes expand and evolve, and funding sources dry up or emerge, independent filmmakers forge new partnerships, unearth new stories, and utilize new technologies to continue bringing bold, entertaining films to the otherwise dismal marketplace. In this panel, filmmakers discuss the latest trends that keep independent film going strong.

David Rooney (New York Film Reporter and Reviewer, Variety)


Tim Blake Nelson (director, “The Grey Zone,” “O”. Actor,  “The Good Girl,” “O Brother, Where Art Thou”)

Peter Saraf  (executive producer, “Adaptation,” “The Truth About Charlie,” “Ulee’s Gold.”)
Larry Fessenden (writer/director, "No Telling", "Habit", Wendigo." Actor, "Bringing Out the Dead", "Margarita Happy Hour")
  Ira Deutchman (producer, “Interstate 60”, “Ball in the House”, “Center of the World”, “54”)






(*formerly called Composers Panel)
Doreen Ringer Ross from BMI.

Tracy McKnight (Music Supervisor, “The United States of Leland”, “Raising Victor Vargas”, “Human Nature”, “Julie Johnson”, “The Tao of Steve”, “High Art”)

Ron Mann (Documentary filmmaker, “Grass”, “Go Further”, “Comic Book Confidential”)

David Torn (Composer, "The Order,” “Adaptation,” "Narc,” "Heist,” "The Rookie,” "Traffic" -- Recording, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Jeff beck, Tim Berne, Big Satan, Meshel Ndegeocello)

Sponsored by BMI

Shown after the panel are BMI's Linda Livingston; Ron Mann, Director of the documentary "Go Further"; BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross; Woodstock Film Festival Founder Meira Blaustein; and Tracy McKnight, Music Supervisor for "The United States of Leland." (Photo courtesy of BMI)


Current events, stories overheard on subways, dreams, fortune-tellers, personal experiences, the shrink’s couch. Where do the seeds come from that writers grow into great film stories?  A panel of screenwriters and directors discuss the early stages of developing story ideas into narratives.

Annie Nocenti (former editor, Scenario magazine)


  Author/screenwriter Donald Westlake (“The Grifters,” “Point Blank”)
Screenwirter/producer Ron Nyswaner (“Mrs. Soffel,” “Philadelphia Story,”  “A Soldier’s Girl”)

Writer/jouranlist Mike Jones (“EvenHand,” “Miller,” “Filmmaker Magazine”)



Writer/ Director Michael Almereyda (“This So Called Disaster,” “Happy Here and Now,” “Hamlet,” “Nadja,” “Twister”)


 Sponsored by Writer’s Guild of America, East


Day At The Roundtables

Produced by Jeremiah Newton, NYU industry liaison, and co-produced by Dana Weidman Dorrity, Dutchess County Community College.

Questions?  Are you considering a career in film or television?...Where are the opportunities? Who does what and can you please explain more about these skilled positions?...What are some emerging industries? Is there room for me?

Answer:  If you are currently a high school or college student, you are cordially invited to join us on September 20th at 11am at the Woodstock Elementary School for informal discussions with a dozen of the top industry professionals in the film business who will discuss what they do and answer your questions. These informal discussions are geared for YOU, so please join us.

In 2002 A Day at the Roundtables allowed high schoolers from the region to learn about filmmaking in a one-on-one open exchange, from leading industry members. Participants included United Artists' president Bingham Ray, Academy Award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler; Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Leon Gast; Academy Award winning screenwriter Zachary Sklar, and others representatives from diverse fields including casting, editing, producing, and more. This is an outstanding, once on a lifetime opportunity for students interested in the field of film and media.


Ron Nyswaner (Academy Award winning screenwriter, ("Mrs. Soffel", "Philadelphia Story", "A Soldier's Girl")

Miriam Stern (entertainment attorney)

Ellen Chenoweth (casting director, “O Brother Where Art Thou”, “Analyze That”, “Meet the Parents”, “The Horse Whisperer”, “Wag the Dog”, “Lolita”)

Leon Gast (Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker,  “When We Were Kings”)

Elmer Bernstein (Composer, "Far From Heaven," "Bringing Out the Dead," "Being John Malkovich,” "Cape Fear," "My Left Foot," "Ghost Busters," "Trading Places," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Magnificent Seven," "The Ten Commandments")


Open to students only
Ages 15-22

Tinker Street, Upstate Films and the Catskill Mountain Foundation Theater are 35mm facilities.
Upstate and CMFT will also screen beta sp and digibeta films.
Bearsville, Mountain View, WCC are are beta sp & digibeta


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