Saturday, September 20, 2003

Wednesday/Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday


  Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock Upstate I
in Rhinebeck
Upstate II
in Rhinebeck
Catskill Mountain Theatre in  Hunter Bearsville in Woodstock Mountain
View in Woodstock
in Woodstock
Colony  in Woodstock
10:00 Sunset Story       Shorts-Drama
  Shelter Dogs
Actor's Dialogue
11:00           Shoot George
  Youth Initiative
(at Woodstock Elementary)


12:00 American Cousins
          Food Not Drugs
Film Critics & Filmmakers
12:30       Shorts-Comedy A Boy's Life
1:30           Milk and Honey
2:00 The Mudge Boy
2:15   Assisted Living
        Our House
Capturing the Audience
2:30       Bluegrass Journey
3:00     A
Normal Life

    Animated shorts
4:00 Crude
      The Boys of 2nd Street Park
4:15       Shorts-Drama
4:30   Bus 174
        Hi Impact Docs
5:15           Particles of Truth
6:00 Milwaukee, Minnesota
6:30     The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Piggie
Purgatory House

  Bukowski; Born Into This
7:00   Nosey Parker
7:30           Coney Island Baby
8:00 Barbarian Invasions
9:00     In My Skin Godfathers & Sons
Blues Series

Tom Dowd and the Language of Music
9:15   Go Further
9:30           Shorts-Sex in the Country  Woodstock - Can't Get There From Here  
10:30 Love Object

Wednesday/Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

*Schedule is subject to change

When ordering tickets, please consider the distance between Woodstock, Rhinebeck and Hunter.
Click here for more info and directions

Tinker Street, Upstate Films and the Catskill Mountain Foundation Theater are 35mm facilities.
Upstate and CMFT will also screen beta sp and digibeta films.
Bearsville, Mountain View, WCC are are beta sp & digibeta


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