Presented by Indie Works
The Indie Works programs are run by Indie Works, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to helping public schools engage students who are working below their potential. Indie helps teachers use new media, community resources, “real life” settings, and experiential projects to interest students in their schoolwork and to build group unity. In the elective class, Indie Lab, students research topics of their choosing, and create artistic video documentaries, which are then shown to the public.

Recoil by Will Lytle (2 min)                            
An experimental film with Jimi Hendrix as a musical backdrop
Apple Boy: Semi-Morbid by Lillie Harden (2 min)
This flash animation follows the adventures of Apple boy into the world of Vampirism
Mental Dreams by Emma DuFrane (2 min)     
This poetic experimental film is a young woman’s questions about self and identity.
 as a participant of the Children's Media Project "Video Diary for Girls program", summer 2002)
Ballin'   by Brandyn Fraser (8:30 min)
A short Documentary that explores the world of Street Basketball
Prognosis: Postal by Eric Szyzka (9:30 min)                             
This short narrative film delves into the thoughts and feelings of a young man dealing with the murder/suicide of his postman father.
Metro by Will Lytle (5 min)                
In the near future the government is able to mete out punishment for crimes by remote control
Move by Jason Spadanuta-Castello (3:12 min)
This experimental short film is a kinetic exploration of space.  
(produced  as a participant of the Children's Media Project "Experimental
Video Workshops held at Upstate Films", summer 2002)
Oppression by Isaac Pond (1:30 min)
An experimental claymation film that looks at oppression
OM: Images of India     by Devin Schepetin (2:30 min)
The filmmaker explores his journey to India through photographs and his reminiscence
The Job by Eric Szyzka (4:20 min)                             
The humorous short narrative film follows two men in during a most unpleasant task
The Invalid Loop by Martin Zimmerman (2 min)
This short experimental piece is contemplative and melancholy.
(produced  as a participant of the Children's Media Project "Experimental
Video Workshops held at Upstate Films", summer 2002)
Stone Chambers by Seamus Thompson (2:45 min)
A short documentary film that looks at mysterious stone chambers found in America
Politics of the Punk Movement by Tom Devins (12:30 min)
A barrage of images that explore the punk movement from the inside
I Symbolize the Group (1:30)   
An experimental documentary that asks the question "what is Nationalism?
Fahdi Got Cussed At by Alex Lapinski (2:30 min)
This acclaimed short documentary examines prejudice after September 11th
It's Always Something by David Duke (5 min)
A robot running low on power tries to obtain a battery stuck in a child-roof medicine bottle.
Uh-Huh by Devin Pickering (2:45 min)
A music video featuring Marion Meadows.
The Hunt for Bin Laden by Devin Pickering (2:30 min)
An examination of the media coverage on Bin Ladin through the eyes of a 14 year old filmmaker.

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