An animated short by Tonya Hurley
USA/UK  2001  4:22 min 
A 35mm (screened on beta sp) animated short that uses the real-life photography of Paul Bowles and cutting edge, elaborate animation utilizing rich, saturated imagery to depict the intimate relationship Bowles had with the Sahara Desert.  He, “the weary traveler, speaks of the thrill of the journey, in his own haunting voice, the magic and pain of discovery that comes from roaming the edges of the earth by diving headlong into the mysteries of the human spirit.”  Narrated by Paul Bowles.
Tonya Hurley wrote, directed and produced such acclaimed shorts as Kiss My Brain, and best friEND, which will premiere at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival; Solo-Me-O, which premiered on PBS; and Baptism of Solitude, an official Rockefeller Award nominee featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and acquired by the lFC.  She is a creator/co-producer of sitcoms for ABC Family and a writer/producer for an ABC/Disney animated series.  She has done an animated commercial for Gameboy and three commercials for Warner Home Video.  Her first feature project is currently in development with a major studio.  View her work at
Producer: Tracy Hurley
Executive Producers: Michael Lang, Ossie Kilkenny,Vince Clarke,Tonya Hurley
Director of Photography: Chris Larson
Editor: Don Finamore
Original Score: Vince Clarke, Bill Laswell
Screening with Spellbound

A Short film by Ian Ellerby
2002 - USA - 11 min
Films of the Hudson Valley/Catskills
Local schoolchildren spend the day on the educational Clearwater sloop.
Ian Ellerby is an English transplant who regards himself as another frustrated local artist. Specializing in documentary and perfomance art, he is happiest when looking though a viewfinder.

A short film by Anthony Di Salvo
2002 – USA – 25 min
Seth, a shy man with development disabilities, lives in a group home with Linda, a woman he loves from afar. Today is Linda’s last day living in the group home. Will Seth come out of his dream world and declare his love to her?  David Johansen (Oz, The Harry Smiths) joins a cast of actors with developmental disabilities (Seth Ehrlich, Linda McCloat) in this touching portrait. 
Anthony Di Salvo is the founder and executive director of Sprout, a non-profit organization which offers recreation and travel for teenagers and adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities.  He has made nine videos.  He uses people with developmental disabilities for all the major acting roles in all his videos.
Cinematographer:  Ezra Waltermaurer
Screening with Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown

A short film By Marshall Fine
2002  –  USA  – 11 min


A short documentary about a photographer (Flo Fox) who takes humorous Polaroids of penises.
Marshall Fine is the film critic for the The Journal News (Westchester, NY) and national film correspondent for Gannett News Service. His writing has appeared in USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Playboy, Penthouse, Premiere, Cosmopolitan and Entertainment Weekly. He currently is chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle. He is the author of three books, including “Bloody Sam: The Life and Films of Sam Peckinpah” (1991) and “Harvey Keitel: The Art of Darkness” (1997). He helped create the Journal News Film Club at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY in July 2001, which he continues to program and host monthly.  Flo Fox's Dicthology is his first
Producer:  Andrzej Krakowski
Directors of Photography:  Bahman Soltani, Andrzej Krakowski
Editor:  Andrzej Krakowski
Sound:  Bahman Soltani
Screening with Operation Midnight Climax

2002 – USA – 30 min
A short documentary by Howard Donner
Captures the resourcefulness of Charris Ford and the ecological automobile engine he invented that runs on French fry grease.

Screening with Razing Appalachia

A short film by Jim Jarmusch
2001 – USA – 10 min  –  35mm
This showing which was previously canceled due to technical reasons is back on. Yipee!


Jim Jarmusch’s short film, Int. Trailer, Night will screen as part of the 2002 Woodstock Film Festival. The film screened at Cannes as part of an interesting collaboration with directors Aki Kurismaki, Victor Erice, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Spike Lee and Chen Kaige titled Ten Minutes Older:  The trumpet.  Each director was responsible for a ten-minute film, which would interpret the theme of  “time”.
“I liked the contradiction of the fact that it was strictly a ten-minute film and yet it was about time, which is such an imprecise thing,” Jarmusch said after the Cannes screening. “We measure it, but I think we’re not really evolved enough to understand it.  I just liked the idea.”
Jarmusch’s credits include Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Night On Earth, Dead Man and Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai.
Screening with Blue Car

A documentary by Adam Kluger
2002 – USA – 30 min
Films of the Hudson Valley/Catskills


The Legend of Chick Chandler is a short film about the death of the American dream. It's a drama about an aging television personality (Woodstock’s Bill Tush) and how he copes with losing the only thing he's ever truly loved...his job. It's a cautionary tale about the illusory and oft-times absurd nature of fame and celebrity. It's a candid look into the mind, heart and soul of an ordinary man at the crossroads of an illustrious career, as he faces the abyss with a quick one-liner and a pint of beer. It's about the loneliness of genius, the magic of television, and the stuff that legends are made of.
Director’s Bio: 
Adam Kluger is a first time filmmaker. For over 12 years he worked at CNN as a television writer/producer. He attended Vassar College, Cornell University and the Horace Mann School. A native New Yorker, he is a playwright/poet/performance artist. He was inspired to create "The Legend of Chick Chandler" after  reading a poem by Charles Bukowski.
Producer/Director/Writer:  Adam Kluger
Co-Producers:  Nick Glasser, Mark Scheerer
Cinematographer:  Pawel Litwinski
Editor:  Nick Glasser


A documentary by Arlen Tarlofsky
2002 – USA – 25 min
Focus on Music - Films of the Hudson Valley/Catskills

A musical documentary that looks into the life of Sam Davis, a sweet and charming 72- year-old Mississippi Delta Blues harp player.

Director’s Bio:  Arlen Tarlofsky’s  award-winning first documentary, Choices, produced for the National Institute of Mental Health, has been the most requested and purchased documentary on the subject of sexuality and the physically disabled.  He also directed Steal the Show, a 30-minute broadcast special for teenagers; and Breakfast with Champions, a short subject comedy seen on Showtime.  His  theatrical credits include Noon, Terence McNally’s comedic spoof, directed at Playwright’s Horizon.
Producer/Director/Writer:  Arlen Tarlofsky
Co-Producer:  John Allen Blue
Cinematographer:  Tim Philo
Editor:  Harry Kafka
Sound:  Tom Bergin, Jon Dickson
Principal Cast:  Sam Davis, Fred Scribner

A short documentary by Steve Bilich
2001 – USA – 7 min


A Native American Shaman, Terry Coyote Murphy, witnesses the WTC attacks and addresses the vibrations set forth by man on nature. Shot on a 1920 hand-crank camera in real time.
Director’s Bio:  Steve Bilich is a filmmaker, writer and actor living in New York City.  His directorial debut, the feature film Ruta Wakening (shot in Austin, Texas) had its World Premiere at Slamdance (1996).   His other films include: Espiritu, Caught Between an Enchanted Rock and a Hard Place, Soul Reflectors, and Island Electric (work-in-progress), to name a few.  Steve's most recent film, Native American In Manhattan was an Official Selection at Sundance 2002, in the "Frontier" category.
Writer/Director:  Steve Bilich
Native American:  Terry Murphy
Executive Producer:  Jack Hazzard
Associate Producers:  Bert Orlov, John Ellison, Lisa Bernstein
Editors:  Jack Hazzard, Cindy Marcizak
Music:  “Requiem” – W.A. Mozart

An animated short by Anwyn Beier
2001   Scotland 3:10 min

NightWindows is a three-minute animation that turns the viewer into a voyeur, offering brief but compelling glimpses of peoples' private worlds beyond the window frame. Jazz legend John Zorn composed the music especially for NightWindows.

Anwyn Beier completed an art foundation course in her hometown of Leeds in 1994.  During her time there she discovered the joys and pains of animation. Between 1994 and 1997 Anwyn completed a BA (hons) course in visual communications specializing in animation at Edinburgh College of Art. Then, for another year and a term, finally finishing in December 1998, she completed a Master’s in animation with the film Nightlife.
Nightlife was a successful film screened at many festivals worldwide, including New York, Edinburgh, Stuttgart, Brisbane and the Next Frame touring festival, and also won several awards including the Royal Television Society Best Student Animation, Scottish Students on Screen Best Animation and Glasgow Longshots.
At the start of 1999 Anwyn joined Edinburgh Animation studio Red Kite to direct a UNICEF advertisement and went on to animate some of a Bob Godfrey/Jeremy Banx creation, The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal. Later that year Anwyn became an assistant animator on Rachel Bevan Baker’s The Green Man of Knowledge, part of the Animated Tales of the World series.
In 2000, after The Green Man was wrapped, Anwyn directed a short ad for Inverclyde tourist board and then was successful in receiving Cineworks/Channel 4 funding to make the 3’ animated film Nightwindows. Nightwindows was completed in the summer of 2001.
 Screening with Washington Heights

An animated short by David Russo
2001 – USA – 8 min
An experimental animation film featuring the creation, evolution, and journey of humanoid sculptures through time-lapsed environments.
David Russo is an independent filmmaker and artist living in Seattle.  Past award-winning short films include Eggs and Soup, Ode to Crude, and MANZWERLD.
Original Score:  Gustav Host

Screening with Ah, the Hopeful Pageantry of Bread & Puppet

A short film by Stephen Marro
2002 – USA -- 13:21 min
A distinguished, solitary man (John Grant).  A beautiful, mysterious woman (Mary-Louise Parker).  A chance meeting in a Greenwich Village espresso bar.  He’s positive they’ve met before.  She’s positive they haven’t.   He finally figures it out.  Will she have mercy?
Stephen Marro has directed and photographed commercials for the past 10 years.  His work is defined by a keen sense of storytelling and his classic visual style.  Directing and photographing award-winning commercials, short films and industrials has taken Stephen from remote villages in Indonesia to the mountaintops of the Canadian Rockies.  He is a graduate of New York University with a BFA in Film and Television Production and is the founder of the New York-based production company Marro & Associates/SMP.
Screenwriter:  Kevin Thomsen
Director of Photography:  Robert Chappell   
Editor:  John Zieman
Original Score:  Russo Grantham, Ben Goldberg
Screening with Pipe Dream

A short film by Bruno Coppola
USA – 2002 – 16:40 min


A story about two people forced to decide between their love for each other and the rules that might keep them apart. Maisie, a young woman, confronts the man she loves in the only place where he can't avoid her ultimatum -- the confessional booth. Jim must then choose between his love for Maisie and his love for the church. Starring Judy Greer and David Arrow.  

Bruno Coppola has worked in film, theater, radio and music in the US, England and throughout Europe.  His credits include 2nd Assistant Director to David Fincher (music videos), music producer (Godfather III), and for three years chief radio drama writer at the BBC World Service (Crisis and Mazen).  His first feature, Unknown Things, was selected by Mike Newell for his Berlin Masterclass and opens theatrically in London in November. Projects in development include John Goodman¹s Madhouse Nudes, chosen by IFFCON in San Francisco as one of the top 50 independent feature projects of the year.  Bruno is currently in Romania shooting Laureen Vonnegut¹s Stuff that Bear.

Production Company: Blueprint Films/MileMarker 733
Executive producer: Fred Fuchs
Producers: Libby Spears, Megan Edwards
Writer: David Arrow
Based on the play by Joe Pintauro
Director of Photography: Nancy Schreiber
Editor: Curtiss Clayton
Composer: Dave Robbins

Screening with Love in the Time of Money

A short film by Jason Kliot
2001 – USA - 7:30

A portrait of faces of those who have visited the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster.

Jason Kliot, along with Joana Vicente, is the Co-Founder and Co-President of Open City Films and its digital division, Blow Up Pictures, both of which are dedicated to the discovery and advancement of ground-breaking independent vision in film. Together and separately they have worked on over 30 feature films, shorts and commercials including Three Seasons, Down To You, Chuck and Buck, Series 7, Love in the Time of Money and Welcome to the Dollhouse.   Site was shown at the 2002 Sundance Film festival, the 2002 Berlin Film festivals and New Directors/New films. It is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.
Co-Producer:  Joana Vicente
Editor:  Malcom Jamieson
Screening with America So Beautiful

A comic documentary by Jon Rubin
2001 – USA – 30 min


This short doc follows follicley-challenged Jon Rubin as he fearlessly attempts to pick up extremely beautiful women on the streets of New York City.
Jon Rubin served as Manager of Original Comedy Programming for HBO in New York for six years, where he was Programming Executive on numerous HBO specials and series, working with Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, George Carlin and many other comedy stars.  Currently he is Executive Consultant on the primetime television series Let’s Bowl! airing nationally on Comedy Central.  Known as “the Jewish Victor Borge,” Jon performs at comedy and cabaret clubs and has been a contributing writer to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.”   So Many Women is Jon’s directorial debut.
Co-Producer:  Steven M. Manin
Editors:  Jon Rubin, Steven M. Manin
(Screening with The Legend of Chick Chandler

A short documentary by Roger Weisberg and Murray Nossel
2002 – USA -- 27 min  --  Video


A cinema verité portrait of the bond that develops between two brothers who long to be reunited with their mother.  The film chronicles the mother's agonizing battle with crack addiction and the grandmother's extraordinary determination to keep the family together.  Narrated by Ossie Davis.
Roger Weisberg joined Thirteen/WNET in 1977 as a producer of the Emmy-winning series, Help Yourself.  He produced dozens of programs on a broad range of subjects including aging, domestic violence, juvenile justice, consumer fraud, health care, the environment, child welfare and urban poverty.  He has written, directed and produced over 20 documentaries through his independent production company, Public Policy Productions, for which he has won numerous awards.  
Murray Nossel trained as a psychologist and ethnographer.  In 1996, as a member of a research team from Columbia University School of Social Work, he embarked on an ethnographic inquiry into the Center for Family Life, a community dissertation about the anthropological implications of time in social work practice.  In 1997, he and Roger teamed up to make a documentary about the Center for Family Life.  This  collaboration resulted in two films:  A Brooklyn Family Tale and Why Can’t We Be a Family Again?
Field Producer:  Julie Sacks
Associate Producer:  Deborah Clancy
Director of Photography:  Edward Marritz
Original Score:  Mark Suozzo
Screening with Shot in the Dark

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