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A Short Film by Patrick Downs
2002 USA 17 min Columbia University

While trying to break up a domestic argument, a police officer loses his cool when the female victim rebuffs his attempts to help her.  A comic chase ensues. The officer almost convinces her to press charges when a call to rescue a woman locked out of her house turns his efforts upside down.  With Jerry Della Salla, Savannah Haske, Melanie Vesey, Ray Jarrell and Nolan Tuffy.

Patricks first short film, Abandon, won Best DV Short at the Columbia University Film Festival 2000 and an award for Best Filmmaker from  His thesis film, Broken, was honored for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Columbia University Film Festival 2002, and was winner of Best Short Film at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.  He is developing a feature based on Broken, as well as the supernatural thriller, Ghost In The Machine.

Producer:  Elizabeth Foley, Patricia Zagarella Co-producer:  Justin Schwarz Director of Photography:  Predrag Dubravcic Sound:  Federico Gonzalez


A Short Film by Eduardo Rodriguez
2001 USA 14 min Florida State University Film School   

Shae Powell wakes up rattled from a horrible dream, a nightmare woven in blood.  Shaken, she goes to check on her young daughter. Everything appears to be in order until she hears the faucet running in the bathroom.  With Marcie Seklecki and Jennifer Ashlyn Qualey.

Eduardo Rodriguez hails from Caracas, Venezuela, where he has worked professionally as an editor and writer. He studied communications at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello before coming to the FSU Film School to polish his training.  As a producer, Eduardo has produced two successful comedies The Big Six and Patuxent Falls, both written and directed by Ben Cawood, the director of photography of Daughter.  Eduardos long-term goal is to write and direct horror features that both terrify and entertain.

Producer:  James Sims Co-producer:  Sean Garman Co-screenwriter and co-editor: Sean Garman Director of Photography:  Ben Cawood Music:  Luis Ascanio Sound:  Jason Lang


A short film by Douglas J. Sloan
2002 USA  5:30 min
A Face to a Name captures a moment in time by documenting the phenomenon of the Bellevue Hospitals wall of prayers.  Sloan says:  It is my hope that it will allow viewers to spend a few moments quietly getting to know the people who perished on 9/11, and also to recall a unique moment in our lives.
Artist, filmmaker and commercial director Douglas J Sloan is also the founder of Icon Pictures in New York and has most recently started a new venture called Icontent, a film, interactive and brand communications agency.  He has collaborated with numerous notable artists, musicians and celebrity talent.  Sloan is the recipient of over one hundred awards for distinctive creative work in a variety of media. He lives in NYC with his wife Diane and two children Maxwell and Mica.
Screenwriter:  Jeffrey Brooks Directors of Photography:  Rufus Standerfe, Tony Ponti
Editor:  Charly Bender Music:  Todd Rundgren Sound:  Hank Aberle

A Short Film by Todd Smith
2002 USA 14 min Columbia University

A young Gulf War veteran returns home and attempts to make a difficult readjustment.  With Kevin Smith, Charles Allen Hutchison, Rutherford Cravens, Linda Carter and Carmen Corneau.

Todd Smith is currently pursuing his MFA in directing at Columbia Universitys Graduate School of Film. He was born a Yankee but reared in Texas by a father who instilled in him a love for Woody Allens early, funny films and for everything Clint Eastwood ever did. These and Blood Simple inspired him to pursue the magical craft of filmmaking. He hopes you enjoy his movie and laugh at the funny parts.

Co-producer: Jonathan Hludzinski Director of Photography:  Catherine Rios Editor:  Ingrid Patetta, Mia Bittar Sound:  Danny Clayton, Andrew Halasz

home road movies
A Short Film by Robert Bradbrook
2001 UK 12 min

The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desperately wants the family car to make him a better parent. The film presents family episodes using innovative and atmospheric computer animation combined with treated album photographs. The father, performed by Bill Paterson in live action, is woven into this vivid family history. With Bill Paterson and Phelim McDermott.

Robert Bradbrook started his professional career as a cartographer while making slide shows and cine films in his spare time. He completed Home Road Movies in 2001 for Channel 4 and the Arts Council of England National Lottery. Created on a desktop computer, the film tells the true story of his father and the family car. Between films, Robert also works as a multimedia designer, creating interactive solutions for numerous clients. He lives in London.

Producer:  Dick Arnall Screenwriter:  Ian Sellar Director of Photography:  Sam James Editor:  Tony Fish Music:  KPM Sound:  Nigel Heath, Julian Slater

A Short Film by Dan Blank
2002 USA   15 min New York University

In August of 1945, in a closing chapter of the Second World War, a blinding flash lit the sky over Hiroshima. The places that were shielded from that searing light became permanent shadows on the city's walls and streets, while the city itself was decimated. Shadowplay is the story of Akio, a shadow of a young boy, who wanders the city searching for his family, while trying to make sense of the unfathomable atrocity.  Voices:  Jennifer Kato, Ako, Jun Kim.

Dan Blank was presented the 2002 Student Academy Award bronze medal for animation for Shadowplay.

Co-producer:  Cynthia Allen Director of Photography:  Ryan Shore Sound Designer:  Clilly Castiglia

The Stream
A Short Film by Megan Warner
2001 USA 8:15 min

A young girl, while aiming to protect her infant brother, makes a desperate attempt to maintain her own innocence amidst the tumultuous world of her parents.  With Shana Dowdeswell, Ed Fry and Jennifer Rice.

Megan Warner jumped into filmmaking as a screenwriter on the award-winning dramatic film Winter and has since penned the feature film scripts Mike Smith and A Better Place Than Here, both optioned in N.Y. for production.  Currently Megan serves as line producer for the Bravo documentary series The It Factor while post producing on her first digital documentary feature, Modern Tribe.  Megan makes her narrative-directing debut with The Stream.

Producer:  George Moffly Director of Photography:  Yuri Denysenko Editor:  Tom Cross Music:  Max Lichtenstein Sound:  Pat Donahue

Time for Change
A Short Film by Daniel DeJesus
2002 USA 7:30 min Florida State University Film School
A mysterious force offers redemption.
Cast:  Greg Watterson, Carolyn Crabtree, Mark Russell

Producer:  Shane Sauer Director of Photography:  Tony West Editor:  Wes Ball Sound:  Marisa Berquist

An animated short by Lisa Yu
2001 USA 13 Min

Years in the making, this mind-blowing clay animation is a sensual exploration of sex, body hair and dinner.

Lisa Yu was born in New York City but grew up all over the U.S.  Though she graduated from Harvard, she still plays with her food, and probably always will.  She also attended the  UCLA Animation Workshop.  Her next piece she fondly calls Fetish, but thats just the working title.

A Short Film by Alejandro Gomez
2002 USA 9 min University of Texas

Set amid a fictional civil war in North America, Waiting for Trains reveals the last memories of an American man facing execution at the hands of his countrymen. With William Huffman and Chase Renouf.

Alejandro Gomez was born and raised in Tampico, Mexico.  In 1994, at age sixteen, he moved to Austin, Texas where he is currently earning his BFA in film production at the University of Texas.  His first 16mm film, Bocho, was recognized with various Kodak Awards for Excellence in Cinematography.  His demo reel so impressed Panavision, NY, that it awarded him a sponsorship to shoot his first 35mm short film, Waiting for Trains.

Producer:  Jason de Leon Co-producer: Andrew Cadelago Screenwriter/Cinematographer: Andrew Cadelago Sound:  Chris Eakins

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