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A short film by Jake Davis
2002 – USA – 8:40 min – New York University
Trey, a loner, searches for love in the big city.  As he travels the streets, a fascination with Sally grows inside him.  He finds himself following her.  Trey’s curiosity drives him to a daily routine of videotaping her.  When the two finally meet, Trey’s charming ways entice Sally.  As the couple gets closer, Trey’s intrigue turns into obsession and his voyeuristic desires take over their lives.
Jake Davis, a 2002 graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, has produced and directed several short films for clients including Nike and Sony Entertainment.  Davis has produced, directed, and edited numerous music videos, promos, and documentaries for a wide range of artists, from legendary Bad Brains to the groundbreaking X-ecutioners.  He has concentrated largely on the culture of hip-hop and the emerging art of turntablism.  He is currently developing a feature script based on his short film, At Low Resolution.
Cast: Joseph Brooke, Beth Giuliano, Premda Wunderle
Produced, written, directed, edited, sound: Jake Davis
Cinematographer: Adrian Sosebee
Composer: Coalition

A short film by Daniel Cavey
2001 – USA – 9 min
A reclusive loner has decided to completely cut himself off from rest of the world by indefinitely hibernating inside his suburban domicile. His huge record collection is his only outlet for emotional release and human connection. But lately even this once-cozy setting is becoming a suffocating dead end.
Daniel Cavey studied film production at Loyola Marymount University.  Dear xxx is his first 16mm short film.  Inspired by the 7 inch single from the band Strictly Ballroom, he eagerly transformed the record cover insert into a film.  The release print premiered at the Hi/Lo Film Festival in March 2001.  Having moved to San Francisco, he is currently collaborating with Killing My Lobster, a sketch comedy and film production company.  Eight Plus Four, the most recent effort, co-directed with Marc Vogl, is featured on’s spotlight on Killing My Lobster.
Cast: Greg Braun
Produced, directed: Daniel Cavey
Co-producer: Stacy Caillier
Writer: James Tamborello
Cinematographer: Brian Harding
Editor: Chad Misner
Composer: Strictly Ballroom

A short film by Jared Micah Herman
2002 – USA – 23 min – New York University
Rella Lebovitz Herman. It is the end of World War II.  The Reich is crumbling; the Soviets are advancing.  Only the shadows of men remain.  Into this silence, into these woods, two boys escape the fate of the death marches for an even deadlier journey, finding a way home.
Jared Micah Herman, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, Micah Herman was born and raised in the United States.  Only later in the life would he reconnect with his Eastern European roots.  While earning his undergraduate degree at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he wrote and directed the anti-war drama Empty based on the experiences of his grandmother, a survivor of Auschwitz and the Death Marches. – Mr. Herman has been the recipient of numerous honors, including a Student Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and an invitation to submit to the Sundance Director’s lab in 2003.  Micah currently resides in Los Angeles and is developing his first feature film.
Producer Matt Wersinger recently returned from field producing for Fox Newschannel in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  He spent a total of three months in the region. – His first producing project, the music video for “Numb”, was featured on MTV’s “Flying Indies” television show.  His producing credits also include the HD short film “Sign of the Times” and a Japanimation/live action music video for Sony Germany.  He has also production managed and line produced numerous feature films and music videos.  Matt is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Cast: Matthias Scherwenikas, Andreas Beckett, Raphael Schklowsky, Steve Benisty
Producer: Matt Wersinger
Written, directed: Jared Micah Herman
Cinematographer: Andrij Parekh
Editor: Tobias Fueter
Composer: Kenneth Lampi
Sound: Andrew Halasz


A short film by Charles Lyons
2002   USA 12 min
James Powell, a college senior, has fallen for Bess Gunther, a sophmore. But he faces one rather large obstacle: the attractive Bess is deeply in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald, or "Scotti," as she likes to call him. The obsession leads Bess down a road James prefers not to follow. Years later, however, he wonders whether she's the one that got away.
Charles Lyons is the New York film reporter for Variety. This is his first film. Prior to Variety, he was a development executive for Mr. Holland's Opus director Steve Herek in Los Angeles. The author of the book "The New Censors: Movies and the Culture Wars," Lyons associate produced the PBS documentary More Than Broken Glass: Memories of Kristallnacht and worked
in production on such films as
Billy Bathgate.

A Short Film by David Chalker
2002 – USA – 14 min
The image beats up the audience.
David Chalker has been making films in San Francisco for six years.  As a producer, director of photography and first assistant director, he has worked on numerous independent films, documentaries, shorts, and music videos.  As a writer/director, David has made three shorts and is currently developing a feature called Babylon Falling, which explores the nature of sacrifice as a means of political gain and social identity in the globalizing culture of assimilation.
Cast: Diana Valentine
Produced, directed, written, cinematographer: David Chalker
Co-Producer: Andrew Piccone
Editor: Dean Mermell
Sound: Diki Chappeil

Love gets you twisted
A Short Film by Jeff Stanzler
2002 – USA – 6:16 min
The twisted, chemical attraction between four nine-year olds.
Cast: Jolie Peters, Lindsay Andretta, Bobby Moat, Jordan Burt
Directed, written, edited: Jeff Stanzler
Producer: Karen Jaroneski
Cinematographer: Steve Lubensky
Sound: Hans Ten Broke

A short film by Charlie Adler
2001 ­  USA  ­  26:02 min

Cindy is an intelligent, popular fourteen-year-old who discovers that her sexual urges are more directed at the cheerleader-filled sidelines than the jockey-infested field.

Charlie Adler is well known in the animation industry as a voice director and voice actor, and has worked on such popular children¹s television series as
The Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats.  As an actor he has starred on and off Broadway and in national tours and regional theaters.  A legend as a voice actor in animation, he has been dubbed "Voice of the Decade" by World Animation.  He is vocally most recognizable as Buster Bunny in Tiny Toons. No Prom for Cindy marks Charlie¹s film directorial debut.

Executive Producers:  Michael Ryan, Charlie Adler, David Feiss
Producers:  Noel Dawkins, Stacie Passon
Produced by:  Michael Bloom
Written by:  Michael Ryan, Charlie Adler, David Feiss
Director of Photography:  David Sharples
Editor:  Shaun Peterson


The Post Modern Man
A short film by Jason LaMotte
2001 – USA – 3:21 min
The Post Modern Man is a stylized visual interpretation of a poem of the same name.
Cast: Todd Warren
Produced, written, and directed by Jason LaMotte
Cinematographer: Jon Darbonne
Editor: Marty Peltz

An animated short by Lisa Yu
2001 – USA – 13 Min
Years in the making, this mind-blowing clay animation is a sensual exploration of sex, body hair, and dinner.


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