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A short film by Catherine Tingey
2002 – USA – 13:30 min – Columbia University
Maxie Ward, a grocery clerk, is dreaming of astrology and the boy of her dreams.  After consulting her horoscope, she decides to confront her object of desire, Trevor Gordon. When her best friend sabotages her efforts, Maxie realizes that nothing is what it seems when you’re sixteen and infatuated.
Catherine Tingey recently returned from the Cannes Film Festival where she was a Semi-finalist in the Chrysler Million dollar Film Festival. Tingey was born in California among tumbleweeds.  Before picking up a movie camera, she worked as a photographer and bread baker in Paris and kindergarten teacher in Taiwan.  She has studied at Smith College, Cornell University and Columbia University.  A Girl’s Guide to the Galaxy is her first big short.
Produced, written and directed: Catherine Tingey
Co-producer: Kendall Morgan
Cinematographer: Seamus Tierney
Editor: Derek Mok
Composer: Peter Millrose
Sound: Andrew Halasz
Cast: Paz de la Huerta, Matt Garber, Brittany Palazzo, Daniel Freedman

A short film by Matthew Ehlers
2002 – USA – 2:25 min
The story of a bank teller, his ennui and a bizarre customer.
Matthew Ehlers makes films. His favorite part about filmmaking is the craft service table.

Cast: Ken Dauer, Daniel Mejak, Marianne Buckley
Produced, written and directed: Matthew Ehlers
Co-producer: Joe Alessi
Cinematographer: Timothy Brown
Editor: Chris Bauman
Sound: Dan Marcellus

A short film by Harriette Yahr
2001 – USA – 5 min
A film about boys, girls and playground philosophy. 
Harriette Yahr has made numerous short films since graduating Dartmouth College in 1989 – with honors in film studies.  Her films have screened at Telluride, Chicago (where she has won both a Gold Plaque and a Certificate of Merit), Women in the director’s Chair, The Flying Broom women’s Film Festival in Ankara, Turkey, Miami International Film Festival, IFP Market, USA Film Festival, among others.
Cast: Mirayla Mac Moffat, Christine Keeler
Produced, written, edited and directed: Harriette Yahr
Co-producers: Marta Tamkiw, Jose Martinez
Cinematographer: Osvaldo Silvera, JR.
Composer: Rockin Patricare Musicians
Sound: Mike Swittel, Sprockett Music and Post

A short film by Mitchell Rose
2002 – USA – 7 min
A faux investigation of ASDICT (Adult Sleep Disorder Induced by Childhood Trauma) as we’re privileged to glimpse rare archival footage from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center For Sleep Disorders
Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Mitchell Rose was a New York based choreographer and performance artist specializing in comedic work; the New York Times dubbed him “the dance world’s Woody Allen.”  His film Elevator World has won awards at thirteen festivals, including the Grand Prize for Best short at Slamdance.
Cast: Mitchell Rose, Leslie Braverman, Eric Ogelsbee, Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
Directed, written and edited: Mitchell Rose
Producers: Ashley Roland, J. Hampton, M. Rose
Cinematographer: C.E. Courtney
Composers: David Dorfman, Robert Een

A short film by Daniel Stedman
2002 – USA/Canada – 4 min
A coming of age story about a boy called Alex who makes an astonishing announcement at a public ceremony.
Daniel Stedman grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and studied physics and film at Bates College.
Cast: Alex H. Krinsky, Kristen Vermilyea
Produced, written and directed: David Steadman
Co-Producer: Scott Steadman
Cinematographer: Scott DeAngelo
Composer: Chris Decato
Sound: David Schwartz

coitus interruptus
A short film by Gary and Greg Cergol
2001 – USA – 7:32 min
Jen, a woman kept awake by the nightly sexual exploits of an upstairs neighbor, begins to unravel. She tries desperately to get her boyfriend to take charge of the situation, but the ensuing power struggle reveals a deeper problem.
Greg Cergol, is a reporter for WNBC news channel 14 in New York. He has spent almost twenty years covering Long Island area news and has garnered four Emmy awards, two Cable Ace Awards and numerous awards from Long Island Press club and the Associated press.
Gary Cergol started his career as an art director working on such accounts as TDK tapes, Hiram Walker and Scott Paper Products. After eight successful years in advertising he moved over to film and television where he has worked as an art director, graphic artist and storyboard artist for such recent projects as 61*, Bamboozled and The Sopranos.
Cast: Dechen Thurman, Marinda Kaha
Directed and written: Gary and Greg Cergol
Producer: David Thaler
Cinematographer: Chris Thaler
Editor: David Thaler, Bob Kalfur
Composer: Ted Jawar
Sound: Courtney O’Connor

A short film by Deborah Chow
2002 – USA/Canada – 12:59 min – Columbia University
A wildly delusional romantic returns from the grave to further pursue the love of his life on the evening of her first daypass.  When he arrives at a local convenience store and finds her with a new boyfriend, he embarks on a campaign to win her back.
Deborah Chow is currently completing her MFA in film at Columbia University.  She was born and raised in Toronto and received her undergraduate degree from McGill university.  She directed her first film at McGill, and continued making films while working for several years in film and theatre in Montreal and Toronto.
Cast: James Urbaniak, Kristin Dispaltro, Eric Wippo, Sean Modica
Directed and written: Deborah Chow
Producer: Bas Dumoulin
Co-producer: Amy Gossels
Cinematographer: Seamus Tierney
Editor: Jonathan Alberts
Composer: Jesper Kyd
Sound: Lihi Orbach/Ohm Lab

(available photo: Fait d_hiver1)
A short film by Dirk Beliën
2001 – Belgium – 7 min
Tim is stuck in traffic.  As he waits impatiently, he tries out his brand new cel phone not realizing the damage it might cause.
Dirk Beliën studied Law at the University of Antwerp before switching to the RITS, one of Flanders' film schools. Beliën’s first script, Jingle Bells was nominated at a VRT Scriptwriting contest in 1993 and later brought to the screen. In 1997 he directed Black Coffee. His third short, Fait d'Hiver, premiered at the 28th Flanders International Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the 7th Flanders International Short film Festival.
Cast: Tom Van Dyck, Ellen Van Cutsem
Producer: Anja Daelemans
Writer: Johan Verschueren
Cinematographer: Philip Van Volsem
Editors: Alin Desauvage, Christophe Van Rompaey

A short film by Federico González-Runnebaum
2002 – USA – 8 min
Lydia is cute and petite so you'd never guess that she's a triple black belt who deals with life in the big bad city by doing martial arts.  Late one night, as she is walking along an empty street, she detects that a dark menacing stranger is following her.
Cast: Sibyl Kempson , Christopher Amitrano , Lynn Cohen , John Russo ,Gizmo Josephine

A short film by Stan Mendoza
2002 – USA – 5:30 min    
Roman does not appreciate it when his neighbor’s dog does its business in front of his house, but when he sees what the dog has left behind is something special, he is thrown into a conflict over the significance and ownership of this special gift.
Stan Mendoza’s first narrative film, Born Loser, has screened and won several awards at film festivals around the world including a Cannes Film Festival screening sponsored by Kodak.
He has received numerous awards for his Commercial, Corporate and Documentary filmmaking for Citibank, The NY Blood Center, and The Bowery Mission including a best director honor at the Monitor Awards.
Cast: Joe Lisi, John Rue, Glen Kubota
Produced and directed: Stan Mendoza
Writer: Steve Gambutti
Cinematographer: Tim Philo
Editor: Justin Bolger
Composer: Michael Whalen

A short film by Alex Mamlet and Amir Bar-Lev
2001 – USA/Canada – 14:42 min
Kid Protocol, the Harry Houdini of party crashing, teaches audiences the in and outs of getting on the list.
Cast:  Alex Mamlet
Written, directed and edited by Alex Mamlet and Amir Bar-Lev
Cinematographer: Ray Greeve
Composer: Kut Masta Kurt

A short film by Mitchell Rose
2001 – USA – 6:30 min
This film satirizes the language instructional video, but instead of teaching Burmese or Bambara, it examines the grammatical intricacies of body language.  Yes, in just a few easy lessons you, too, can learn to speak body just like humans do, as we conjugate head position, analyze the accent of a hip and become fluent in the psychosexual syntax of the slouch.
Cast: Leslie Braverman, Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland, Sara Anderson, Eric Oglesbee, Eric Skinner
Directed, written and edited: Mitchell Rose
Producers: Ashley Roland, Jamey Hampton, Mitchell Rose
Composer: Billy Goodrum

A short film by Marie Regan
2001 – USA – 13 min – Columbia University
When ninety-two year old Dorothy has her driver's license revoked, she feels the weight of a lifetime. When she meets Flash, she hires him to drive her around, but when he demands destinations, each arrives where neither expected to be.
Marie Regan grew up on a San Francisco lagoon where she made her first film at age thirteen.  Moved by an experience as an exchange student in Thailand, she put the camera down to earn a degree in Humanities and International Affairs.   Marie has lived and worked in Mexico, England, Spain and India.  In 1994, she returned to film, taking a course at the San Francisco Art Institute and joining Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope where she worked on a variety of projects over three years.  She is currently pursuing her MFA in Filmmaking at Columbia University.  While completing her degree, she continues to work professionally in NY on film, music video, and documentary projects, and is a volunteer video mentor to students in New York area public Schools.  Traveler is Marie’s directorial debut on the festival circuit.
Cast: Marie Kalish, Daniel Saltzman, Jerry Shulman, Jerome Brody, Stephen Gallo, 
Ann W. Regan, and Andrew Halasz
Produced, written, edited and directed: Marie Regan
Co-Producer: Erica Cleary
Cinematographer: Seamus Tierney
Sound: Kurt Enger, Andrew Halasz

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