All Water Has A Perfect Memory
A short documentary by Natalia Almada
2002 – USA/Mexico – 19 min
An experimental documentary about a family's loss of a child and the struggle between remembrance and forgetting. The film explores the cultural differences between a North American mother and a Mexican father in the face of death. English and Spanish with English subtitles
Natalia Almada was born in Mexico to an American mother and a Mexican father.  She has spent her life between both countries.  She recently completed her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design and has completed two short documentaries, Put on Your Diamond Shoes and All Water Has a Perfect Memory.
Director, Cinematographer:  Natalia Almada

MAGNET MAN (Czlowiek Magnes)
A short film by Marcin Wrona
2001 – Poland – 20 min – University of Silesia, Poland
A true story about the filmmaker's father, a mesmerist, exorcist, and healer who can help everyone but himself.  Told from the point of view of his young son (the filmmaker as a boy), who both adores and abhors his father. Marcin Wrona uses a visually energetic collage technique to create what he calls "tragicomic kitsch," one with a fantastical sense of Monty Python about it, like a missing Terry Gilliam project. Shot on 35mm/screened on beta sp.
Honored as best student film at the Tribeca Film Festival
Cast:  Zdzislaw Wardejn, Ewa Kasprzyk, Krzysztof Ogloza, Andrzej Basiukiewicz
Producer:  Maja Wlodarczyk
Director, Screenwriter, Editor:  Marcin Wrona
Cinematographer:  Pawel Flis
Sound:  Tomasz Sikora

A short film by Victor Viyuoh 
2002 – Cameroon – 13:42 min – University of Southern California
Twelve-year old Napo overhears his older brother, Abel, and mother expressing doubts that he will be able to take on a man’s responsibilities once Abel goes to boarding school. Hurt by their doubts, Napo sets out to prove them wrong by finding a termite mound, building a hut around it, and trying to lure termites out of it. He returns home from his overnight trials to find that has already left for boarding school. Shot on 16mm/Screened on beta sp
Victor Viyuoh, from Cameroon, West Africa, studied engineering, math and creative writing before his love for film took him to USC.  The village where Viyuoh grew up had no electricity.  When he was 10, he saved enough money to buy a hen and when its chicks grew up, he sold them to pay his way to watch movies, usually in French.  Mboutoukou is his thesis film. 
Cast:  Rhim Shu, Angwafor Nde Fru
Producer:  Zola Mashariki-Reyes
Co-Producer, Director, Screenwriter:  Victor Viyuoh
Cinematographer:  Clay Westervelt
Editor:  Monique Zavistovski
Composer:  Mo Jen
Sound:  Charlotte Hill

The Provider
A short film by Matt Smith
2002 – USA – 20 min
A short course in agricultural economy called by some an engaging and melancholy examination of fatherhood.
Cast:  Steve Berndt
Producer:  Sarah Shute
Director, Co-Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound:  Matt Smith

Written and directed by Bob Giraldi
2001 - USA - 5 min
A short film having to do with a family's new daily routine in downtown Manhattan's Tribeca section. With Joanna Going and Lexie Sperduto. Produced by CaseGiraldi Media. Photographed in Hi-Definition and sponsored by SONY. The Routine debuted at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

A short film by Jessica Sharzer
2002 – USA – 19 min – New York University
If you could go back in time, where would you go?  A troubled boy searches for a wormhole to traverse time and reunite his family.  The Wormhole joins the past with the present, memory with fantasy, science with faith in the impossible. Shot on 35mm/Screened on beta sp
Jessica Sharzer is currently completing her MFA in Film & Television at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She holds a Masters degree from UC Berkeley in Slavic Languages & Literature. The Wormhole was recently presented the 2002 Student Academy award gold medal for best narrative short.
Cast:  Claire Beckman, Suzanne Shepherd, T.J. Sullivan, Gareth Saxe
Producer:  Sydney Burtner
Director, Screenwriter:  Jessica Sharzer
Editors:  Jessica Sharzer, Adam Walsh
Cinematographer:  Andrij Parekh
Composer:  Christopher Libertino


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