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George Higham 
2001 – USA – 19:45 min
Films Of Hudson Valley
Inspired by Edgar A. Poe's poem Annabel Lee, Poe himself comes to life through the magic of stop-motion animation. Annabel Lee is quintessential Poe- a haunted soul, a lost love and the nocturnal grave-quest. The epic quality of this Orphic adventure includes expressionist visions of a lone figure on a journey through a nightmarish landscape in order to be re-united with his lost love...but first he must overcome the wrath of the "Envious Angels" that ruined his world! This thrilling tale will make you believe...even a puppet can love.
George Higham, a NYC-based sculptor/filmmaker attended the School of Visual Arts on a merit scholarship, graduating with a BFA in the late 80's, where he met co-producer/post production supervisor Tony Pellegrino. His SVA thesis film, Necromania, was broadcast on PBS. His early career consisted of creating special effects for film and television. He then began to create sculpture and jewelry for gallery exhibition and sale. Annabel Lee presented a challenge to all of his skills, from designing and sculpting the puppets and sets, to bringing them to life using various special-effects techniques in a dramatic tale of "puppet love."
Voice Over Narration:  Jim Knipfel
Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer:  George Higham
Co-Producer, Editor:  Tony Pellegrino
Composer:  Northern Machine
Sound:  Digital Asylum

aRE yOu there?
Young Hun Lee
2002 – USA – 6:45 min – University of Southern California
A little girl living on a small planet creates a robot with artificial intelligence. The robot begins to ask questions to the little girl such as “Who are you?”,  and “If you made me, who made you?” The little girl answers, “I don’t know.” After waking to find it was all a dream, the little girl decides to try and find the answers by exploring the galaxy.
Producer, Director, Screenwriter:  Young-Hun Lee
Composer:  Chad Olivera
Sound:  Matt Devine

Hyunhee Park
2002 – USA – 2:06 min
Even after a long day of work, sometimes it still is hard to fall asleep. So we try hard to fall asleep by counting sheep, drinking milk and so on.. However although we get enough hours of sleep, we all experience a morning that we wake up tired. Is there a reason for this?
Producer:  Ringling School of Art and Design
Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Composer, Sound:  Hyunhee Park

Eli Kabillio
2001 – USA – 4 min
The Bill Johnson Show is a series of Animated Shorts by Mad Dog Films. In Voltron,  Bill Johnson shows Bobby a great way to start his mother’s day with a laugh, by placing a plastic bag over his head. In Heroin, Bill Johnson shows Bobby how to have a fun start to the family vacation, by placing sugar in a plastic bag, taping it to his body and revealing it as his parents’ heroin just before going through the metal detector at the airport.
Eli Kabillio is the Vice-President of Mad Dog Films. He directed and produced the feature film, Keeping It Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch and the documentary, A Hole In The Head.  Also, he also produced Paranoia starring Larry Drake.
Producer, Director:  Eli Kabillio
Screenwriter: Cevin Soling
Animator:  Paul Cress
Editor:  Sean Casey

Scott Bogoniewski
2002 – USA – 3:38 min – University of Southern California
In a small dark factory, there is curiosity in one small factory robot (lpb09) with a buildup of determination to find a better life.
Director:  Scott Bogoniewski
Composer:  Jory K. Prum, David W. Collins
Sound:  Brandon Proctor

Rachel Max
2002 – USA – 3:30 min
Rachel Max returns with another autobiographical, Flash animation, this time in the form of a song about how her cat was dropped off to be groomed, but came home in a box.
Rachel Max has been animating professionally for four years and has been screening her work in festivals since 1999. Currently a motion graphic designer, she also teaches Photoshop and After Effects at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC and has an animated series
Producer:  Hypnotic
Co-Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor:  Rachel Max
Composer:  Nick Panagopulos
Sound:  Nick Panagopulos, Rachel Max, Mat Lejuen

Signe Baumane
2002 – USA – 7 min
Five slightly immoral stories. In the midst of f*cking up, there is always a place for Love
Director, Writer, Deigner, Animator: Signe Bauman
Producer: John M. Donnelly, Lamplighter productions
Camera: Josh Rechnitz
Sound: John Heineman
Editor: John M. Donnelly
Song: Natalie Standiford and Gregory Wilson

Marco Bertoldo
2001 – USA – 5 Min
An animated spaghetti movie, Gone Bad tells the story of zombies set loose in a small town on Kentucky. The secret of their arrival lies with Father Marcello, the depraved parish priest who is doing everything in his power to get rid of them.

Marco Bertoldo
2001 – USA – 5 Min
A fisherman is working hard on an enormous catch. Finally he sees something shimmering near the surface but it’s not what he expected.
Producer:  John Evershed
Director, Editor:  Marco Bertoldo
Screenwriter:  Niccolo Ammanti, Marco Bertoldo
Composer:  Brad Mossman, Barney Jones
Sound:  Jim Lively, rj Eleven, Jonathan Bach

Phil Robinson
2001 – USA – 17:12 min
Mr. Robinson brings a strong cartoon sensibility to this beautifully rendered computer-generated film about a lonely boy and a crafty brain floating in a jar. The darkly comic tale has gathered numerous awards, including Best Professional CG Short Film at the 2001 World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles.
Cast:  Jonathan Harris, Peter Falk, Bruce Campbell, J.D. Daniels, Gerri Lawlor
Producer:  Nina Rappaport
Director:  Phil Robinson
Screenwriter:  Brian Narelle
Editor:  Ian McCamey
Composer:  Michael Levine
Sound:  Tom Myers, David Hughes

Jeff Spoonhower
2002 – USA – 6:30 min  – Rochester Institute of Technology
Does intelligent life exist? A clumsy robot, a ship full of micro aliens, and a few clams have the answer. Laugh out loud at this computer animated short.
Jeff Spoonhower received BA in film, television and theatre from Notre Dame in 1999. Currently, he is completing the animation MFA program at RIT in Rochester, NY.
Entire production by Jeff Spoonhower

David Duke
2001 – USA – 2 min – Home school student
Films Of Hudson Valley
A stop motion animation film trailer involving two robots in a battle over a light bulb.

Jeffrey J. Johnson
2002 – USA – 4:30 min – Rochester Institute of Technology
Zen meets anarchy in an apocalyptic orgy of destruction.

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