The legendary chairman of Anthology Film Archives has programmed a three-part series chronicling the history of avant-garde cinema.

Program One: James Broughton, Maya Deren, Kenneth Anger, Joseph Cornell, Helen Levitt and Harry Smith.

Program Two: Bruce Conner, Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs, Andy Warhol and Jonas Mekas.

Program Three: Julius Ziz, Stom Sogo, Mora Tierney, Auguste Varkalis, Peter Hutton and Jonas Mekas.

Presented by Jonas Mekas



Host Steve Charney combines his magic, comedy and ventriloquism with a selection of short movies for children, including: Low Down Underground, Swaroop in Bovine Bliss, The Box, Waldemar, Shivelry, What’s in Heidi’s Head and Patrick Swayze: Cartoon Sound Wizard.

Sponsored by Nickelodeon

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Low Down Underground
Directed by Elanna Nicole Allen


Quentin, a nine-year-old skateboarder, collides with an elderly woman in a subway riding home from the supermarket. They are accosted by a punk hustling for change and later joined by a jazz musician. Through their compassion for each other the four strangers unintentionally form a surrogate family. They redecorate the subway car and call it home.

Producer: Albie Hecht
Co-producer: Elanna Allen
Screenwriter: Elanna Allen
Cinematographer: Joey Kolbe
Editor: Eric Livengood, Mark Rickles
Composer: Prince Paul
Sound: Anthony Rends, Chris Bertellotti
Cast: Treach the Emcee, Pepa, The Last Emperor

Elanna Nicole Allen wrote, directed and produced Low Down Underground during her senior year at Brown University with the help of Nickelodeon. She studied illustration and animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with honors in 1999. During her college years, she studied stop motion animation in Prague under Bretislav Pojar and held an internship at Jiri Trnka’s studio and worked as a clean up and layout artist for the nickelodeon animated series, Hey Arnold! She is presently a character animator on MTV’s stop motion series, Celebrity Deathmatch.

The Box
Directed by: Stefan Gronsky

A blob finds a mysterious box that fell from the sky in this computer-animated short film.

Stefan Gronsky's computer graphics and filmmaking obsession began at age 6 with an Apple Macintosh 512KE and a Sony 8mm video camera. A self-taught artist/filmmaker, Stefan is studying computer science at UC Berkeley. He has worked at Tippett Studio and interned at Pixar.



Patrick Swayze: Cartoon Sound Wizard
Directed by Jordan Brady
Patrick Swayze, sound professional, teaches sound effect amateurs how to properly create sounds. They are shocked at his methods.
Producer: Jordan Brady
Co-producer: Brian Tolson
Screenwriter: Jordan Brady
Cinematographer: Brian Newman
Editor: Jordan Brady
Sound: John Hallaby
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Richie Keen, Daniel Weeks

Swaroop in Bovine Bliss
Directed by: Mike Milo

Swaroop rescues a "sacred" cow from his beef-eating neighbor who won the animal in a poker game. Hiding at home with Swaroop’s family, the cow becomes a sacred nuisance taking advantage of their hospitality.

Producer: Mike Milo, Atul Rao
Screenwriter: Mike Milo, Atul Rao
Editor: Joe Gall, Bradford Keats
Composer: Paul Livingstone
Sound: Rob Jargraves
Cast: Atul Rao, Nick Jaine, Aashna, Brian George, Quinton Flynn

Directed by Michael Blank
In the dry, empty desert landscape roams a powerful wizard, Waldemar. He is invincible (that it what we are to think). Yet on his long path through the desert we learn that even Wizards have limitations to their power.
Producer: Michael Blank
Screenwriter: Michael Blank
Editor: Michael Blank
Composer: Alexander Blank
Sound: Alexander Gerasimoch (Doubler II Studio)

Directed Michelle McGinnis
An act of generosity warms a lonely snowman’s heart.
Producer: Michelle McGinnis
Screenwriter: Michelle McGinnis
Cinematographer: Michelle McGinnis
Editor: Michelle McGinnis
Composer: David Alan Earnest
Sound: David Alan Earnest

What’s in Heidi’s Head?
Directed by: Greg Harrison
1999/color/2min ("bugs")
1999/color/3min ("feet")

What’s in Heidi’s Head? Is an entertaining and educational short subject series which takes us on a trip through Heidi’s amazing mixed media world.

Executive Producer: Nancye Ferguson, Mark Mothersbaugh, Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo
Producer: Greg Harrison
Animation Director: Jon Schnepp
Supervising producer: John Andrews
Screenwriter: Emily Kapnek
Cinematographer: James Belkin
Editor: Jon Schnepp
Sound: Mark Mothersbaugh
Cast: Nancye Ferguson, Mark Mothersbaugh

Greg Harrison began as a commercial production designer in New York City where he was part of the Original design team for Pee Wee’s Playhouse. He went on to design numerous commercials and music videos.

In 1997, Greg launched Carolina Pictures in Los Angeles and has since produced and directed live action and animated short subjects for MTV, Nickelodeon, The Fox Family Channel, Comedy Central and the Cartoon Network.


By presenting live staged readings of screenplays  before screening the films, STAGE TO SCREEN presents an interesting contrast of media and allows for a comparative study between the written word, staged presentations and film.

Presented by local theater group Actors and Writers

Films include:

Directed by Lichelli Lazar- Lea

Two small-time crooks, who happen to be a couple, show up a house in order to rob it and retrieve a suitcase for their boss. Unfortunately, they show up at the wrong address.

Tom Hodges

A hitman (Michael Chiklis from the Commish) takes his victim to the middle of nowhere to kill him. When the victim finds out that the hitman is a first timer, the tables are slowly turned.

Tom Hodges
Kismet Productions
2307 Lake Shore Avenue
LA, CA 90039
323 661-4403
Neil Leifer
1999/color/13 min

A chance encounter between a rookie basketball scout and legendary scout offers worldly advice.

Ken Regan
Camera 5
6 West 20th Street
NY, NY 10011
212 989-2004


The Interactive Forum for this year’s Woodstock Film Festival is intended to promote emerging new media. Artists, program designers and speakers will present media, screening demonstrations and educational panels. Selected media will be presented to the public on-site on desktop computers and over the World Wide Web. Selected pieces will be projected as part of demos featuring guest artists.

Event producer – Michael Latriano

Equipment provided by Macworks & Apple Computers



MUSIC VIDEO - He Shoots, He Scores.

Music videos have become the new film school and among the first graduates were David Fincher (Seven), Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) and Hype Williams (Belly). Musicians are now looking to filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch, Guy Ritchie, Gus Van Sant and Hal Hartley to give them credibility and expand on the meaning of their music. Bands and performers leading the way in furthering this new art are Beck, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Madonna, REM and Sonic Youth. So sit back as we present a few of our favorites.

Presented by Elma Cremin (Sundance Film Channel) and Ryan Werner (The Shooting Gallery)



Sonic Cinema is a one-hour program that examines the intersection of music and film and the creative cross-pollination that can take place among independent artists as they exchange ideas and collaborate across the mediums of music and filmmaking. The program is made up of music videos, short films and short-form documentaries along, with interviews of the musicians, filmmakers, photographers and graphic artists whose collaborations are highlighted on the show.

-presented by The Sundance Channel


The current corporate animation explosion (Disney, Dreamworks) has an unexpected benefit-it has created a healthy counter-culture of weird animated shorts. I'm happy to present a program of some of my favorites of these cartoons. Most of these shorts have certain properties in common that help them become successful: they're cheap, short and funny. Included will be films by a few of my favorite artists-Signe Baumane, Josh Rechnitz and Don Hertzfeldt.

Presented by Bill Plympton

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