2001 Woodstock Film Festival - SHORTS BY WOMEN

A Short Film by Allison Robinson
2000/color/12 mins/35mm

This comedy follows a neurotic woman in her attempt to end an unhealthy relationship. Though her intentions are good, her ability to take the plunge is slightly weaker. She tries self-help tapes, steadfast denial, and, finally therapy, which she hopes will give her strength, and ultimately the closure she needs, to once and for all . . . break up with Bob.

After graduating USC with a BFA in drama, Allison became a waitress. Due to bad tips and rolls like "Bitch Number 2", she abandoned her dreams of acting for something more practical: writing and directing. Her screenplay, "Mr. and Mrs. Jones" sold to Phoenix Pictures earlier this year and she is currently writing on WB's "Dawson's Creek."

Director: Allison Robinson
Producer: Sharre Jacoby
Cinematographer: Monty Rowan
Editor: George Cawood and Tanya Riegel
Cast: Christine Tucci, John Goodman, Malik Yoba, and Harry Shearer

Sharre Jacoby at New Wave Entertainment,
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Jack & Diane
Directed by Wendy Wilkins

Jack & Diane is the story of an all-American
boy breaking up with a girl told through fifty-seven
different song lyrics.


Low Down Underground
Directed by Elanna Nicole Allen


Quentin, a nine-year-old skateboarder, collides with an elderly woman in a subway riding home from the supermarket. They are accosted by a punk hustling for change and later joined by a jazz musician. Through their compassion for each other the four strangers unintentionally form a surrogate family. They redecorate the subway car and call it home.

Elanna Nicole Allen wrote, directed and produced Low Down Underground during her senior year at Brown University with the help of Nickelodeon. She also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. During her college years, she studied stop motion animation in Prague under Bretislav Pojar and held an internship at Jiri Trnka’s studio and worked as a clean up and layout artist for the nickelodeon animated series, Hey Arnold! She is presently a character animator on MTV’s stop motion series, Celebrity Deathmatch.

The Loneliness of Animals
Directed by Fabienne Bouville

A lonely woman copes with a disastrous blind date by keeping herself company with visions of wild animals – until she encounters an enticing proposition….

Born in Toulouse, France, in 1969, Fabienne Bouville grew up in a Parisian suburb and at age 16, moved to New York City. She graduated from Columbia University in 1991 and from ICP in 1993 with a degree in Photojournalism and then started making films. She graduated in May 2001 with an MFA in Film from NYU.

Fabienne Bouville
Zing Films
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The Shangri-La Café
Directed by Lily Mariye)

In 1950s Las Vegas, Nevada, a Japanese American family, who protect themselves from post-World War II racism by passing as Chinese, are forced to segregate their self-run Chinese restaurant for "Whites Only."


For the past seven years, Lily Mariye has had a regular role as nurse Lily Jarvik on the NBC television series ER. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and has appeared in many films such as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Mighty Joe Young, The Shadow, The New Age, and The Doctor. She has written several full-length screenplays, one of which, The Shangri-la Cafe, is the basis for her short film endeavor which won her a grant from the American Film Institute's prestigious Directing Workshop for Women, 13th Cycle.

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