Directed by Greg Durbin


Angelica is pursued across the international border by a mute trombonist. This strange musician takes up with the distraught young woman but has an unusual way of showing his affection. Itís the beginning of a love-hate saga that goes beyond her wildest nightmares.

Greg Durbinís films and videos (Distant Relations, The Going Away Party, The Great Frontier, A Refutation of Time and Eat Like a Winner) have won numerous awards and can be found in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley and Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. He is a Professor of Film at San Diego State University.

Susan Bailey
Consor pictures LLC
7342 Giraud Avenue, Suite 8
La Jolla, CA 92037

Butterfly Canyon (Mariposa Canyon)
Directed by Benjamin Daniel Lobato

Saddened over his motherís recent death, a young man ventures to the mystical Mariposa Canyon to release her ashes.

Benjamin Daniel Lobato is a senior Honors student at the University of Arizona. He is a recipient of the SLAVIN Award for Excellence in Media Arts.

Benjamin Dante Lobato
4201 E. Monte Vista Dr., Apt. E204
Tucson, AZ 85702

Except My Soul
Directed by Catalina Santamaria

Obsession and sanity come to the forefront as lonely and reclusive Alex follows the sound of the person next door, to the point where reality dangerously blends with fantasy.

Catalina Santamaria
Tren Del Sur
149 Sullivan St., Apt 6B
New York, NY 10012

The Hanged Dog Tree (L'Arbre au Chien Pendu)
Directed by Olivier van Malderghem


Micha returns from a concentration camp. His wife want the reunion to be perfect for him so she does not want him to know that she doesnít know where their son is. The peculiar circumstances of the reunion lead Zelda to regain her memory and the return of their child.

Olivier van Malderghem is a film editor, director, scriptwriter and teacher. Other of his films include Sextuor, La derive des continents, La muette and Líhomme de la rue. He has written several textbooks on film and teaches at Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales.

Olivier Van Malderghem
Films Maelstrom
63 rue díEcosse
Bruxelles B1060. Belgium

Jack & Diane
Directed by Wendy Wilkins

Jack & Diane is the story of an all-American
boy breaking up with a girl told through fifty-seven
different song lyrics.


Wendy Wilkins
Upstate New York Pictures
7720 Hollywood Blvd #3
LA, CA 90046
(323) 874-5699

Directed by Scott Rice


An affectionate comedy about the battles sleeping couples wage in bed.

Scott Rice has written, produced and directed over thirty short films and videos. His latest work has been featured in the Texas Filmmakerís LA Showcase as well as the University of Texas Hollywood Showcase at the Directorís Guild of America Theater. He is now an MFA candidate in film production at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to graduate school, Mr. Rice built a successful career as an art director for Activision.

Scott Rice
7201 Wood Hollow Dr., #235
Austin, TX 78731

Directed by John Stonehill

If our speedwalking hero, Ed, slows down below
 six miles per hour, itís lights out for New York City.


Speedwalking is John Stonehillís debut as producer, writer and director. For the past six years he has acted in TV commercials, independent films and theatre. He is putting the finishing touches on his feature script, Arthur Cohen, Ph.D.

John Stonehill
10433 Wilshire Blvd., Apt. 1001
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Swimming out to Holly
Directed by Jesse Peyronel


A mysterious girl repeatedly pretends to drown just so that a shy lifeguard will save her; a lifeguard
who is uncomfortable with his new popular persona and needs to face his insecurities and come to terms with who he is.

Jesse Peyronel studied film at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He directed an independent electronic music TV show, Jungle Massive TV, and produced commercials, before concentrating fully on writing and directing. Although based in New York, Jesse spends much of his time in Los Angeles and London, developing various feature projects, including two original screenplays, Redux and Comedown.

Jesse Peyronel
100 Jane St., #9F
New York, NY 10014