photoCelebrity interviewer, Martha Frankel will moderate a comparative study of acting in commercial cinema versus independent film with writer, director, actor Stanley Tucci (Big Trouble, Sidewalks of New York, Joe Gould's Secret, The Impostors, Big Night, Deconstructing Harry). Also attenind will be Fisher Stevens and Liev Schreiber.

Keith Carradine will regretfully not be able to attend the actor¹s seminar
scheduled for 10 am on Saturday, September 22. Stanley Tucci and Liev
Schreiber will be present.


A case study on digital feature production with a focus on Enter Fleeing, starring Parker Posey, Kyra Sedgwick and Fairuza Balk. Moderated by Gary Winick of InDigEnt, with writer/director Rebecca Miller (Angela); Goldheart Pictures producer Lemore Syvan (Maze, Walking To The Waterline); director of photography Ellen Kuras (Blow, Summer Of Sam) and editor Sabine Hoffman (Harlem Aria, Last Party 2000, Hurricane Streets).

Ellen Kuras on location with Enter Fleeing


Burning to put your script on film or tape? Getting ready to shoot your movie? Before you run up your credit card bill, take a reality check with a panel of seasoned veterans of the film business who have been selling, making, distributing and exhibiting independent films for the past twenty plus years. With John Pierson (executive producer, producer rep), Richard Abramowitz, Ken Eisen (shadow distributor of Tony Gatlif’s breakthrough Latcho Drom), Emily Russo (Zeitgeist) Steve Leiber of Upstate Films and John O’Brien (The Big Dis, Vermont Is for Lovers).

Presented by Upstate Films

Co-sponsored by


Who are the filmmakers that focus on musicians and/or concerts? What are the challenges that face them? What are the rewards? With D. A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus (Monterrey Pop, Moon Over Broadway, Down from the Mountain) Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens), and Leon Gast (When We Were Kings, The Grateful Dead Movie). Moderated by Betsy McLane, director emeritus of the International Documentary Association (IDA).


SOUND & VISION  (Experience the power of music on film)

Have you ever wondered what makes you ride an emotional roller coaster at the movies?  Have you ever watched a great film and been unaware of the huge role music was playing?  We decided to take 2 very short films: Elliot
Landy's "Paris Lifescapes" and Neal Livingston's "Snow On The Lake" and give  them to established film composers:  Karl Berger, Jim Farmer, John Hodian, David Torn & Peter Wetzler to score and see how the exact same imagery feels different under contrasting scores.

The audience will engage in a follow-up discussion with the panel of the composers and filmmakers, led by BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross. An insightful "immersion" event for filmmakers, composers and audience members, alike!



ELLIOTT LANDY "Paris Lifescapes" has been doing providing interactive music  visual work, through motion and kaleidoscopic photography in both still and film formats, for over 30 years.  He has published Woodstock Vision, The Spirit of A Generation, in book and CD-ROM format, and authored the book  Woodstock 69, The First Festival. He is currently publishing a series of limited edition lithographs of his classic rock photographs, and producing a
feature film based on the life of Janis Joplin.

NEAL LIVINGSTON "Snow On The Lake" is a filmmaker/environmental activist from Cape Breton, Novia Scotia. In addition to his numerous political documentaries including Budworks, Herbicide Trials, Cape Breton Endangered
Spaces and Toxic Partners he has produced a sheaf of original and humorous films such as Off to Work (1988), Trees and Elevators (1991), Licking the Window (1995). Michel in a Suête (1998), Suêtes, (1999) and Snow on the Lake (2000).


KARL BERGER, world-renowned composer since 1961, with over 100 compositions and arrangements for classical ensembles, jazz groups, fusion groups, big band, symphony, and commercial recordings.  Karl has been the Winner of 6 Downbeat Critics Polls as a jazz soloist, and the SWF Award for his compositions.  His recent discography includes 3 CDs , "Crystal Fire" "Conversations" and "Karl Berger + Paul Shigihara". Karl has provided string arrangement & orchestration for many major record companies, European Radio + TV Networks, and for artists such as Natalie Merchant, Jeff Buckley, The Cardigans, Better than Ezra a.o., and producers Bill Laswell, Alan Douglas, Peter Collins, Malcolm Burn, Andy Wallace and others.

JIM FARMER, a film and theater composer who lives and works in New York City  and recently New Paltz, scored the music to Tom DiCillo's JOHNNY SUEDE Living in Oblivion, Box of Moonlight, Red White and Yellow, The Real Blonde, The Waiting Game, and most recently Double Whammy. He has composed and sound designed various dance and off Broadway theater projects including the Obie-winning The Ridge Theater. Farmer has also written, directed and composed music for four plays: "Frontier Halloween" (1992), "Pistols & Stamens" (1993), "The Savage Routine of Living" (1993), and "We Never Learn" (1994).

JOHN HODIAN is an Emmy award winning composer, conductor and pianist who written over 250 documentaries in addition to feature films and music-theater . Hodian's large scale music theater piece "Spirits" was the winner of The Frederick Lowe award and is slated for a workshop in March of 2001. Hodian's inventive solo c.d., Available Forms, has been praised as "pure musical genius"(Applause Magazine) and, along with Bet Williams, is the leader of Epiphany project.

DAVID TORN is a texturalist/guitarist (winner of Guitar Player Magazine's Readers' Poll Award, Experimental category: 1994 & 1997), composer, multi-instrumentalist (live looping, oud, saz, kikuyae, kotar, MacOS,
samplers, programming, mandolin, optigan, etc.), producer, writer, singer & consultant. He has been featured as the primary texturalist and/or soloist on films scored by composers Carter Burwell, Mark Isham, Ryuichi Sakamoto,
Lisa Gerrard, Patrick O'Hearn, Michael Shrieve, and others., in addition to having begun scoring for films, himself. His work has been featured on countless amounts of films, has 5 solo CDs, 6 group CDs, and has been the
instrumentalist and/or producer on over 55 additional CDs. Jazz Times has quoted Torn's work as "Twisted Brilliance" and L.A. Times boasts "Torn is a true wizard, someone who finds mystical potential in every sound."

PETER WETZLER  is a concert pianist who started his composing career writing and touring with postmodern choreographers such as Laura Dean, David Dorfman and Bill T. Jones. From the New York downtown experimental music scene he moved into film and television scoring the Canadian Feature "Warboy" and numerous films for PBS's "Great Performances" including Vaclav Havel's "Largo Desolato" and George Wolfe's "Coloured Museum". He is currently producing a solo piano album and his band "The Repeatos" as well as this "Sound and Image" event with Sarah Chianese.


As Vice President, Film/TV Relations, Doreen Ringer Ross oversees all activity from the Los Angeles based department serving film and television composers. She joined BMI in 1985 as an executive in the Film/TV department, and has held the positions of Senior Director and Assistant Vice President prior to being named Vice President in 2000. Prior to BMI, Ringer Ross held artist development positions at A&M Records, ABC Records and MCA Records, and also worked in television production as a producer for a wide array of television programs.


GIRLFIGHT Spotlight Seminar on Women in Film at New World Home Cooking

New York Women in Film & Television and the Woodstock Film Festival have joined forces to bring you a very special follow-up to last year's stellar event as part of the 2001 Woodstock Film Festival.

Making a movie is hard. Making a movie as a woman is even harder. So how do you do it? To answer these questions and more, we've gathered an A-list of professionals who are making and breaking the rules. After the seminar, please join us for a lavish reception.

With Karyn Kusama (Girlfight), Lisa Krueger (Manny & Lo, Committed), Mary Harron (I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho) and Rosemary Rodriguez (Acts of Worship). Moderator Karen Durbin is a film critic for Elle magazine.

-Presented by








Sunday September 23, 3:00pm

Utopia Studios, Bearsville

Films have an enormous social impact whether they are purely entertainment, or take on a social issue. In helping to define the fabric of our culture, do filmmakers have a responsibility to address social issues?

In light of the devastating recent tragedy, what are the responsibilities of filmmakers and media to deal with their influence on culture and attitudes, and to present a global perspective?

Peter Saraf Producer (moderator) – Saraf’s credits include the Academy Award-nominated films Ulee’s Gold and Mandela, and the upcoming The Truth About Charlie, directed by Jonathan Demme, as well as many filmed music projects with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, David Byrne and others.

Caroline Baron Producer - Caroline Baron produced Mira Nair’s recent feature Monsoon Wedding, which was just awarded the Golden Lion at the 2001 Venice Film Festival. She produced Flawless, Addicted to Love, and Center Stage. Baron is the founder and Executive Director of FilmAid International.

St. Clair Bourne Producer/Director/Writer – Bourne has been the producer, director and writer of over 40 film productions, including documentaries for HBO, PBS, NBC, and the BBC. Most recently, he produced a feature-length documentary Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks, which has been nominated for three EMMY awards.

Gillian Caldwell Caldwell is a filmmaker (producer, Bought and Sold), attorney, and executive Director of WITNESS, which was founded by musician Peter Gabriel. WITNESS advances human rights advocacy through the use of video and communications technology. .

Godfrey Cheshire Film Critic, Author – Cheshire writes film criticism for the New York Times, New York Press, Talk, Interview, and Variety, and is author of "The New Iranian Cinema". He is past President of the New York Film Critics Circle, and is a member of the National Society of Film Critics.

* * *


Films have an enormous social impact whether they are purely entertainment or take on a social issue. In helping to define the fabric of our culture, do filmmakers have a responsibility to address social issues? Where do films fit into the larger context of storytelling in culture, both ours and others cultures and how can their importance be gauged relative to literature, theater, television, music? These questions and more will be discussed with Haskell Wexler,Oscar-winning cinematographer (Bound for Glory, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Matewan, Coming Home) and director (Medium Cool, Latino); Caroline Baron, producer (Monsoon Wedding, Flawless, Kama Sutra, Witness to the Mob) and founder/executive director of Film Aid International www.filmaidinternational.org); Godfrey Chesire (film critic, New York Press, New York Times, Talk, Variety and former chairman, NY Film Critics Circle); and Peter Saraf, producer (Mandela, Ulee's Gold and the upcoming Adaptation starring Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep and The Truth About Charlie starring Mark Wahlberg and Thandie Newton); and other distinguished panelists to be announced later.

Haskell Wexler will regretfully not be able to attend the Movies That Matter
seminar scheduled for  3 pm on Sunday, September 23. He has prepared a
statement for the panel and a replacement will be present.

Produced by Judy Arthur


Julia Mintz and Peter Heady of the high definition production company Full Res host a day's worth of seminars centering on the state of the art in digital cinematography high definition production and post-production. Join Henniger’s chief engineer Brad Hughes, HD Camera owner/operator/engineer Bob Clark, Award winning Director/ DP Larry Banks , Digital Projection specialist Jim Marlow and Bob Zahn of BVR to find out who is doing what, and where and how.

10 -11:00 am


Begin with the morning pre-production coffee and map out production strategies and ways to implement them. This short informal session is open to all and will give a brief overview of the day’s upcoming events.

11 -12:45

Equipment and Gear for HD Productions and Beyond

Through discussions and demos, Bob Clark, Brad Hughes, Jim Marlow and Bob Zahn will discuss what it takes to get the shot? Participants will have a chance to get some hands-on time with the HD camera packages and gear.


Production, Production, Production

Larry Banks, Bob Clark, Brad Hughes and Julia Mintz will discuss what you should expect on location and how to optimize creativity within budgetary and technical constraints.

3:15- 5:00 pm

Post-Production and Deliverables in the New Millenium

Now that it's all in the can, where do you go from here?

Peter Heady and Julia Mintz will map out the post-production process: editing, effects, multi-formats, deliverables and displays. Take control of the process instead of letting the process control you.

5:30 pm -

High Definition screening and Q & A

A variety of clips will be screened and followed by an open forum.


Paul Mones (producer, Novocaine) will hold a free panel about what is takes to be an artist in this modern corporate age. Saturday, September 22
at Utopia Studios



with the Children’s Media Project


Hands-on workshop open to 12 participants, ages 10 and up. We will demonstrate various mixed media animation techniques (with pre-made and raw materials available to students) and facilitate the making of animation within the four-hour session.

Mini Movies

Hands-on workshop open to 12 participants, ages 13 and up. Bring a song, bring an idea, a joke or a simple script and we’ll supply the cameras, editing facilities and media artist/teachers. Work with a partner to shoot a short movie. We’ll help you edit and add sound. A great project to do with a friend!

The Children’s Media Project is an arts, education and technology organization whose mission is to give artists and media makers, particularly children and youth, a space, both literally and metaphorically, to create and critically use media. We teach the skills, tools, and processes necessary for this creative self-expression and critical thinking in the media arts.

The Aesthetics of Music in Film

A master workshop designed for film composers will be given by legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein. Over the past 50 years, Mr. Bernstein has written a formidable number of major movie scores, including some of the most identifiable of all time, including The Ten Commandments, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, Animal House, My Left Foot and, most, recently Martin Scorcese’s Gangs of New York. (limited admission to 20 composers - $50)