2001 Woodstock Film Festival - DOCUMENTARIES

The Buffalo War
Directed by Matthew Testa


The Buffalo War is the moving story of the Native Americans, ranchers, government officials and radical environmentalists who are currently battling over the yearly slaughter of America’s last wild bison. The film joins a 500-mile spiritual march across Montana by Dakota Sioux Indians who object to the killings. Woven into the film are the civil disobedience and video activism of an environmental group trying to save the buffalo, as well as the concerns of a ranching family caught in the crossfire.

Producer: Matthew Testa
Co-producer: Bryan Cole, Lloyd Fales
Cinematographer: Matthew Testa
Editor: Bernadine Colish
Composer: Marcelo Zarvos
Sound: Matthew Testa, Brian Whitlock

The Buffalo War is Matthew Testa’s first feature documentary. He has worked on documentary productions for New York Times Television, National Geographic, Showtime, the Discovery Channel and PBS. He co-produced and directed Bill Briggs: Teton Pioneer for ABC.

Matthew Testa
Buffalo Jump Pictures, Inc.
11A Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Burning Man - The Burning Sensation
Directed by Alex Nohe
World Premiere of New Cut

Burning Man takes you into the heart of the Burning Man experience. In 1999 some 24,000 souls made a pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert to practice radical self-expression and self-reliance in a temporary, commerce free community. At the end, a 50-foot high, neon-lit wooden effigy is burned, igniting a wild, tribal, all-night celebration.

"An amazing and privileged inside look at one of the few certifiable counterculture events of this thoroughly commercialized age." – Todd McCarthy, Variety

Producer: Alex Nohe, Alan Roberts
Co-producer: Travis Harrod
Cinematographer: Alex Nohe, et al.
Editor: James Frisa, Cassandra Marshall
Music Supervisor: Charles Raggio
Sound: Martin Lopez
Featuring Larry Harvey, Crimson Rose, Will Roger, Dea Million, Donnie Donson, Kal Spelltich

Alex Nohe is the former Director of Programming for IFP/West where he produced Independent Focus. At IFP/West, he assisted many independent films acquire distribution including Gods & Monsters, The Long Way Home, and Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

Alex Nohe
Burning Sensation, LLC
2449 Beachwood Drive, #10
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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Krishna’s Playground
Directed by Vandana Raj, Sudipto Sarkar

Lord Krishna, personification of love and sweetness, is worshipped in India. This film is an attempt to capture the magic, sound and ambience, the activities, excitement and frenzy related to the worship.

Producer: Vama Communications
Concept: Vandana Raj, Sudipto Sarkar
Cinematographer: Pravin Patel, Amit Shah
Editor: Kalpesh Dave
Composer: Nishith Mehta
Sound: Musica Productions

Vandana Raj has trained with Indian Express and Education Media Research Center and has worked in publishing and as a voice-over artist. She is the founder of Vama Communications.

Vandana Raj
Uama Communications
Krishnakunj, opp: police stadium, shahibaug
Ahmedabad, Gujarat State 380 004

Digging for Dutch:
The Search for the Lost Treasure of Dutch Schultz
Directed by Laura Levine
2001/color/88 min

World Premiere


Dig just beneath the surface of this offbeat true tale of the search for a
gangster's buried treasure, and you'll find another story: a quirky and
charming portrait of rural small-town America. Digging For Dutch is a story
of obsession, faith, and greed, and the universal search for happiness. It's
about people who follow their dreams, and the discovery of life's true

Producer: Laura Levine
Screenwriter: Laura Levine
Cinematographer: Laura Levine
Editor: Tia Schellstede
Composer: Scott Healy
Sound: Fiona Feehan, Katie Legnini
Featuring: James and Pat Schick, Regan McCarthy, Ron Sedita, Brian Palmiter, Barbara Reen, Mike Rizzo

Best known for her photographs of music personalities, director Laura Levine has shot and directed music videos as well as the underground Super-8 film, Just Like a Movie (with R.E.M.). She illustrated the B-52's children's book, Wig! and the just-published Shake, Rattle and Roll: The Founders of Rock and Roll. Her award-winning illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines and on CD covers and she created an animated pilot for MTV. Her paintings have been widely exhibited and are in the permanent collections of several museums.

Her first documentary short film, Peekaboo Sunday, recently premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. Digging for Dutch is her first feature length documentary.

Laura Levine
Hokey Pictures
PO Box 52
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457

Down From the Mountain
Directed by Nick Doob, Chris Hegedus, D. A. Pennebaker
2000/color/98 min


In May of 2000, the artists featured on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack gathered to play music from the film for a concert at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Down From the Mountain documents that concert, complete with backstage preparations and rehearsals. D. A. Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus and Nick Doob capture a joyous and free-spirited celebration of a truly American musical form. Featured on the soundtrack are Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch, John Hartford, Ralph Stanley, David Rawlings and Chris Thomas King, among others.

Print Source:
Cowboy Booking

Freedom Downtime
Directed by Emmanuel Goldstein
2001/color/121 min

World Premiere


Freedom Downtime is the story of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, who has been imprisoned without bail for nearly five years. The film tries to uncover the reasons the authorities are so scared of Mitnick, as well as to define what exactly he did. As word of a Hollywood movie portraying Mitnick as a terrorist has spread, hackers have begun to turn to activism to get their message out. Through interviews with relatives, friends, lawyers and experts in the computer and civil liberties arenas, a picture of a great injustice begins to emerge.

Producer: Emmanuel Goldstein
Cinematographer: Gus Gustafson, Bryan Newman, Michael Kaegler
Editor: Michael Kaegler, Brian Libfeld
Original Music: Theta Wave State
Sound: Michael Kaegler, Gus Gustafson

Emmanuel Goldstein has been publishing 2600 Magazine, The Hacker Quarterly since 1984. He also hosts America’s largest hacker radio show on WBAI.

Emmanuel Goldstein
2600 Films
PO Box 848
Middle Island, NY 11953

Garbage, Gangsters and Greed
Directed by Fred Isseks of the Middletown High School Electronic English Class
2001/color/54 min

New York Festival Premiere

Since 1991 Middletown High School students have been investigating and documenting the history and health implications of toxic waste disposal in the lower Hudson Valley, the primary source of drinking water for New York City. As part of their course work, they produced Garbage, Gangsters and Greed, which traces 30 years of environmental lawlessness. It is a documentary about the organized crime-figures, law-enforcement officers, politicians and state regulators who participated in pointless pollution, then kept it hidden.

Fred Isseks
845 343-3391

How’s Your News?
Directed by Arthur Bradford
2000/color/82 min



How's Your News? is a documentary chronicling the travels of a team of reporters and crew across America in a hand-painted RV. Five of the people have disabilities ranging from Down’s syndrome to spastic cerebral palsy; they are the reporters. Each of the five reporters has his or her own style of gathering news, but the basic approach is the man-on-the-street interview. The interactions are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes sort of confusing but always honest.

Producer: Doug Stone, Arthur Bradford
Executive producer: John Pierson, Troy Parker, Matt Stone
Director of Photography: P.H. O’Brien
Editor: Mike Lahaie
Music: Chad Urmston
Reporters: Robert Bird, Sean Costello, Susan Harrington, Larry Perry, Ronnie Simonsen

Arthur Bradford has spent the past eight summers working at Camp Jabberwocky, a summer camp for adults with disabilities, where he teaches a video making class. His short stories have appeared in Esquire and The O Henry Awards Anthology and he has a book called Dogwalker coming out with Knopf this summer. How's Your News? is his first feature film.

Print Source:
Grainy Pictures
845 265-2241

Inside Out in the Open
Directed by Alan Roth
2001/color/60 min

Festival Premiere


Inside Out in the Open is an exploration of "free jazz" through the voices and music of over 20 musicians. Alive with personality and language, while addressing ideas on improvisation, the film reveals itself as musically as does its subject matter.

Featuring: Marion Brown, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Alan Silva, Burton Greene, Joseph Jarman, Baikida Carroll, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, Susie Ibarra

Alan Roth is a former postal worker. Inside Out in the Open is his first major production which was originally developed as his master thesis at the New School for Social Research. He is working on second documentary on the New York Art Quartet.
Alan Roth
Asymmetric Pictures
505 62nd St., #E-3
Brooklyn, NY 11220

KPFA on the Air
Directed by Veronica Selver
2000/color/66 min

Why did over 10,000 people from all over California descend on Berkeley on July 31st, 1999, to march in support of FM radio station KPFA? KPFA On the Air tells the story of a simple yet powerful idea that became the touchstone of the international community radio movement.

In 1949, America’s first listener-sponsored, non-commercial radio station, KPFA, began broadcasting from Berkeley, California. The flagship station of the Pacifica Network, it quickly became a living testament to free speech and cultural diversity – a vital community of the air that often found itself embroiled in conflict.

KPFA’s story is the story of activist America from World War II to the present. The film takes us through the station’s passionate fifty-year history, from its founding by pacifists and poets, through its defiance of Cold War conformity, to the present day challenges that confront this unique, on-going experiment in democratic media. The film traces KPFA’s passionate 50-year history: its founding by pacifists and poets, its defiance of Cold War repression and current challenges to its commitment to democratic media.

Producer: Veronica Selver
Co-producer: Sharon Wood
Screenwriter: Sharon Wood, Susan Fanshel
Cinematographer: Stephen Lighthill, Frances Reid
Editor: Susan Fanshel
Sound: Witt Monts, Michael Levin
Narrator: Alice Walker

Veronica Selver (Producer/Director) previously produced and directed an episode of Positive for ITVS. Her co-directing credits include You Got to Move, First Look, and Word is Out. A distinguished documentary editor, Selver’s editing credits include these films as well as On Company Business, a three part series on the CIA; Berkeley in the Sixties; Harry Bridges: A Man and His Union; Absolutely Positive, Coming Out Under Fire, and most recently Blacks and Jews. Listener-sponsored KPFA community radio, the nation’s first, is a living testament to free speech and cultural diversity.

Sharon Wood
Selver Productions
171 Andover Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Directed by Gabriela Bohm
2000/color/66 min

In this personal documentary, a filmmaker sets off on an odyssey through Eastern Europe, South America and the United States to uncover long-harbored family mysteries, myths and secrets. In the end, she derives strength from the connections between the lives of her parents and her own life. – a legacy she plans to tell to her child.

Producer: Gabriela Bohm
Cinematographer: Molly O’Brien
Editor: Shirin Bazleh
Composer: Don Grady
Sound: Molly O’Brien

Gabriela Bohm was born in Argentina, later moved to Israel and is now living in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from NYU she worked in various films of her own including Voiceless, The Wild Side and now Passages. Her mission as a documentary filmmaker is to evoke questions about the human spirit, by telling stories that raise awareness to personal and collective meanings of identity.

Gabriela Bohm
Bohm Productions
10503 Cheviot Drive
Los Angeles. CA 90064

Seeking Heat
Directed by Mike Mills and Karen Kraft
2001/color/47 min

A colorful and vivid exploration of David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label.

Producer: Karen Kraft, Mike Mills
In association with Desert Dog Films, Cynthia Geary
Screenwriter: Karen Kraft, Mike Mills, Caroline Allnutt
Cinematographer: Eric Van Ryzin, Tom Inskeep
Editor: Caroline Allnutt
Music by: The Artists of Luaka Bop
Sound: Richard Lehmann, Kelly McInerney
Featuring: David Byrne, Zap Mama, Los Amigos Invisibles and many others.
Print Source:
Mike Mills & Karen Kraft
Discovery Channel
4340 East West Highway, 10th Floor
Bethseda, MD 20814

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Los Amigos Invisibles:
The Making of Arepa 3000

directed by Cynthia A. Geary and Peter D. Marshall
2001/color/30 min
Producer: Cynthia A. Geary, Peter D. Marshall
Screenwriter: Cynthia A. Geary, Peter Marshall
Cinematographer: Tom Inskeep, Gus Soudah
Editor: Peter D. Marshall
Music by: Los Amigos Invisibles
Sound: Brian Buskley, Gus Soudah
Desert Dog Films, Inc.
PO Box 415
Aldie, VA 20105-0415
703-327-3622 (fax)

photo by Marina Chavez

Moon Over Broadway
A film by Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker
Starring Carol Burnett and Philip Bosco

Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker bring their fly-on-the-wall camera backstage to take a fresh, eye-opening, no-holds-barred look at the big bang adventure of producing a Broadway hit. The Broadway show in question is Moon Over Buffalo, starring Carol Burnett and Philip Bosco, a comedy about a low-rent Lunt and Fontaine, hell-bent upon recharging their careers. Cited by The New York Times as "the best documentary of the year", the film features hilarious turns by its leading actors - and even funnier behind-the-scenes sequences, as everyone mounting this high-risk Broadway production goes into nail-biting overdrive. The play's director, Tom Moore, and co-producers Rocco Landesman and Elizabeth Williams, help playwright Ken Ludwig through endless rewrites and finally to opening night, which Ludwig dubs "a bar mitzvah from hell." Only those few who have been lucky enough to glimpse backstage through the curtain have seen Broadway quite like this.

"Completely enjoyable and fascinating!" - Woody Allen

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Routine (Shigra)
Directed by Dan and Noit Geva
Israel/2000/color/65 min

U.S Premiere

Since childhood, Itzik has lived his life in the shadow of fear as Katyusha rockets have continually fallen over his head. The film covers a five-year period seen through his eyes as he narrates a story spanning the "Grapes of Wrath" campaign to the IDF’s withdrawal. We observe the daily routine of Itzik and his friends as they try to live normal lives in an abnormal space and we watch as, when the dream of a child becomes a reality, Itzik is forced to make decisions about his future.

Print Source:
Donna Gobi
Israel Film Service
Hakirya, Romema
PO Box 13240
Jerusalem 91130 - Israel

Sean Now And Then

A work in progress by Ralph Arlyck.

Ralph Arlyck's latest film catches up with the four-year-old boy who starred in Sean, a film Arlyck made in 1969 about the child’s hippie parents, speed freaks, eating pot, and cops busting heads. The four-year-old barefoot boy is now 34 and is still one of those people the camera loves. Arlyck and Sean, like Truffaut and Jean Pierre Leaud, have formed a kind of cinematic friendship sharing thoughts and ideas via the camera. More than a counter-culture 28 UP! this intriguing documentary feature contains a number of surprises.

Presented by Upstate films

Timed Exposures
79 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY  12603

Directed by Jay Corcoran
2001/color/80 min

In 1996 the appearance of protease inhibitors seemed to turn the tide in the fight against HIV, and the revolutionary new therapy has saved many lives. But, as usual, the story is more complicated than we thought. What is life with these drugs really like? What are the politics of access to the new treatments? And what effect do the drugs have on people’s attitude toward safe sex?


Producer: Jay Corcoran
Executive producer: Michael Roberts
Cinematographer: Jay Corcoran
Editor: Jay Corcoran, George O’Donnell
Composer: Scott Killian
Cast (Featuring-for doc?) Matilda Garcia, Anibal Castaneda, Belinda Dunn, Carole Miselman, Joe Pennell, David Brudnoy

Jay Corcoran is a graduate of the Theater Program at Harvard’s American Repertory Theater. His first documentary, Life and Death on the A-List, was released in 1997 by WaterBearer Films. He was a resident at the Millay Colony for the Arts.

Presented by Tapehouse, NY

Jay Corcoran
Wringing Hands Productions
250 Mercer St., #C212
New York, NY 10012

Women in Jazz (Femmes de Jazz)
Directed by Gilles Corre
France/2001/color/80 min

U.S Premiere


There are more and more women musicians involved in jazz music, today. Women in Jazz portrays 20 of them, some well known, others less so, who set out to brave the New York jungle and make a name for themselves in the Jazz Hall of Fame. Apart from the superb soundtrack played lively by this excellent line-up of musicians, this documentary explores their feelings about ethnicity and gender, from whose who adopt full-on feminist stances to those who, by contrast, just play without paying and heed to sexist attitudes in the traditionally male dominated realm of jazz music. Also it provides an overwhelming testimony to their talent and creative spirit as well their historical importance in the development of jazz.

Jazz is no longer the men's club that it might seem to be!

Producer: Doc Ad Hoc
Cinematographer: Pierre Nogues
Editor: Sylvain Luini
Composer: Sylvain Luini

Cast: Susie Ibarra, Megali Souriau, Ellen Christi, Elizabeth Panzer, Jayne Cortez, Akua Dixon-Turre, Miri Ben Ari, Myra Melford, Muia Masaoka, Ingrid Jensen, Elise Wood, Virginia Mayhew, Maria Schneider, Rosetta Reitz, Jazzberry Jam!, Marilyn Crispell, Jane Ira Bloom. Sylvia Cuenca, Jeanne Lee

Gille Corre
Doc Ad Hoc
15 rue de la Concorde
Toulouse 31000 - France

You Don’t Know Me
Directed By Cambiz A. Khosravi
2001/color/59 min

World Premiere

This documentary tells the story of teenager Dewin Vargas who killed his foster father and group home instructor in Shandaken, New York on January 23, 1999. Trapanese, an alleged sexual predator, was stabbed to death following his repeated sexual advances. Khosravi’s documentary captures both the systemic and isolated problems that permeate the state child-care system and ultimately the lives of children like Dewin.

Cambiz A. Khosravi is a director, producer, editor and teacher whose films have been aired on public television stations and are in the collections of museums and universities.

Cambiz A. Khosravi
PO Box 735
Woodstock, NY 12498