2001 Woodstock Film Festival - ASBURY SHORTS


Founded in 1980 by a group of former film students from the New York Institute of Technology on Long Island, The Asbury Short Film Show has become one of New York’s most enduring short film exhibitions. Non-competitive, the goal of Asbury has always been to help independent filmmakers screen their work in the New York metropolitan area but at the same time provide the general public with the most entertaining short films possible.

Islands in the Sky
A short film by Mitchell Rose
4:30 min

Four people weave fifty feet in the air, aloft and aloof in their ivory towers. One fourth of Mr. Rose's "Modern Daydreamers" suite.

A short film by Jason Reitman
8 min

From this year's Sundance shorts program Mr. Reitman tells us what happens
when a newly purchased fish is discovered to be living in the wrong watery environment.

When the Day Breaks
A short film by Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis
Canada/10 min

Considered one of the best animated short films ever made. Nominated for an
Academy Award and a multi-international film festival honoree. The story of Ruby, an affirmation-seeking pig.

A short film by Matthew Ehlers
3:42 min

Hilarious piece starring Michael Kolden as a man who puts new meaning to the
term "brown bagging it.."

By Courier
A short film by Peter Riegert
13 min

Based on a O.Henry short story acclaimed stage and screen actor Peter Riegert
makes his directorial debut with this wonderful short that was nominated for an Oscar
this year.

Waste of Candy
A short film by Frank D'Andrea and Terry Field
10:26 min

A dramatic exploration of one man's struggle with a critical decision.

Zen & The Art of Landscaping
A short film by David Kartch
17 min

Suburban landscaper Greg Daniels gets caught up in the life of a family that hired
him to trim their shrubs. 1st Prize at The Comedy Arts Festival and a recent addition to the permanent collection of the Museum of Broadcasting.

Elevator World
A short film by Mitchell Rose
4 min

Random gatherings and serenity in an extruded quadrangle.

In God We Trust
A short film by Jason Reitman
16:35 min

Robert is going to hell. Or is he?? A dead man who learns he is going to hell runs
back to Earth to try and change his fate.

Pee-A-Boo Sunday
A short film by Laura Levine
1:45 min

A gripping yarn of animal husbandry, this film features Florence Giuliano as one woman and her six miniature horses. A Sundance selection.