2001 Woodstock Film Festival - DANCE SHORTS

Directed by Sudipto Sarkar

This film was inspired by the stage performance of a French hip-hop group, Accrorap, and Bharatnatyam and Kathak dancers from India. The film is about the meeting of these different forms and cultures of both these countries. The theme is non-violence and the presence of good and evil in life.

Sudipto Sarkar Trained with Whitelight Moving Picture Company and has worked a a design consultant for the Embassy of France in New Delhi, creative head of Labh Multimedia, Ltd., and currently runs a design organization, Indigo Creatives.

Sudipto Sarkar
Indigo Creatives
4/A, Appola Park 50C, Palpi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 007
8252 37516

Modern Daydreams
Directed by Mitchell Rose

Modern Daydreams is a trilogy of Chaplinesque films exploring the theme of movement engendered by day-to-day life and examining machinery as metaphor for isolation.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Mitchell Rose was a New York-based choreographer and performance artist specializing in comedic work. The New York Times dubbed him "the dance world's Woody Allen." His film Elevator World has won awards at thirteen festivals including the Grand Prize for Best Short at Slamdance.

Mitchell Rose
2021 Whitley Terrace
Hollywood, CA 90068

When Dancers Go Bowling
Directed by Michael DeMirjian

New York Premiere

Eight despondent dancers converge on a
bowling alley and have their way with the facility.


Michael DeMirjian has been an editor for NFL Films. He has been nominated for an Emmy for his work on Fox’s NFL Under the Helmet.

Michael DeMirjian
Flim Flam Film
157 N. 3rd St., #3N
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Directed by Allen Kaeja, Mark Adam

Zummel is inspired from the stage version commissioned by NorrDans (Sweden) and based on the first day of families being uprooted from their homes during World War II. Through stark contrast and featureless landscapes, the balance between community and personal flight to safety is highlighted through six individuals’ struggles for day-to-day existence.

Allen Kaeja has been creating dances sine 1982 and won may awards for his work including the Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award, the Bonnie Bird Choreographic Award and the K.M. Hunter Award. He teaches at the National Ballet of Canada and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Allen Kaeja
Kaeja d’Dance
789 Manning Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2W7