Sept. 21-24, 2000


1999/color/10:41 min./35mm

A native American Shaman has a vision of the future through his dreams.

Director, screenwriter: Raymond Spiess Jr
Producer: Raymond E. Spiess Jr and Jeffry Feinberg
Co-Producer: Gina Brown
Cinematographer: Marc Leidy
Editor: Jacob Bricca
Composer: Alan Howarth/Blue Stone Singers
Cast: Saginaw Grant

Ray Spiess Jr. makes his directorial debut with Dreamer. He is currently the Supervising Sound Editor for the acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos.

Raymond Spiess Jr.
The Digital Bench / Soaring Eagle Productions
3727 West Magnolia Blvd #414
Burbank, CA 91505
818 761-1357

1999/color/10:30 min/16mm
*Shot in the Hudson Valley

Rob Miller is a twelve-year old boy growing up in a single parent home that is repulsed by his mother's attempts to find a husband. Without realizing it, he too is searching… for a father.

Director, Co-Producer, Screenwriter: Alex Kondracke
Producer: Angela Robinson
Cinematograper: Margaret Brown
Editor: Music Schmusic
Cast: Cameron Boyd, Tracey Howe, Ashley Carlisle, Elizabeth Ann Townsend

Alexandra Kondracke was born in Washington DC. She graduated from Dartmouth College before enrolling in NYU Graduate Film School. Alex has
worked as a cinematographer and segment producer on many television documentaries including The Learning Channel's Trauma/Life in the ER,
A&E's The Vincent Simmons project and HBO's Nuyorican Dream. Ice Fishing is her first narrative short. It was awarded an Honorable mention at Sundance 2000.

Alex Kondracke
234 East 7th Street #2rw
NY, NY 10009
212 460-9660


Iceman examines the imagery of a fleeting moment. A woman struggles to create a memory of the mother she never knew. The workings of a tenement set the stage for her mother's unimaginable end as Iceman draws upon a fractured symbiosis on a hot summer day.

Director: Kate Judge
Producer: Dan Halpern
Director of Photography: Michael Falasco
Editor: David Kuther
Composer: Chris Cunningham
Cast: Joseph Baldwin, Lisa Bostnar, Libby Christophersen, Sally Connors, Calvin Haywood, Dennis Kaiser, Bob Newton, Kevin O'Donnell

Kate Judge
Wow them Inc.
PO Box 940432
Rockaway Park, NY 11694
718 318-2446

2000/color/16:30 min/35mm

A hitman takes his victim to the middle of nowhere to kill him. When the victim finds out that the hitman is a first timer, the tables are slowly turned.

Director: Tom Hodges
Producer (s): Jennifer Blair and Tom Hodges
Screenwriter: Scott Murphy
Cinematographer: Benjamin Spek
Editor: Sean Albertson
Composer: Joseph Stanly Williams
Cast: Michael Chiklis (The Commish, Wired) and David Gianopoulos (The Last Don)

"The Last request" follows Hodges' Award Winning short, "Shoot the Moon", which won seven awards including the Audience Award for Best Short at the Hamptons Intenational Film festival and Audience Award for Best Comedy at the Palm Springs International Shorts Festival. Recently, Hodges completed negotiations with Kismet Productions to option his feature scripts "Cooties", a romantic comedy which he will also direct.

Tom Hodges
Kismet Productions
2307 Lake Shore Avenue
LA, CA 90039
323 661-4403